2012: prophecies, rebirth and evolution 2012: Prophezeiungen, Wiedergeburt und Evolution 2012: profecías, renacimiento y evolución

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2012: prophecies, rebirth and evolution

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2012: prophecies, rebirth and evolution

People talk a lot today of what will happen the next year. It's nothing new to hear about the Mayan prophecies, which warn that the December 21, 2012 will be the end of this civilization. The Mayans do not speak about the cause, but somehow tell that "the last day" is not the arrival of calamities, but the transformation of a new consciousness and a spiritual transition. Without the technological advances of this present time, the Mayans were great astronomers and expert mathematicians that had advanced routing systems but did not use wheels. It is said that they were beings with a cosmic consciousness with which they could access a higher wisdom and an advanced spirituality. When the civilization was in a great time, the Mayans disappeared, and nobody knew the real cause of why and how this happened.

After extensive scholarly research, it concludes that the Mayans were expert observers of the stars, and the day they prophesy the end of the world will be a winter solstice, where the sun star is placed in the exactly intersection point of the ecliptic of the Milky Way and Ecuador.

On the other hand, the Chinese also predicted the end of a cosmic cycle which carries great events that take human civilization to a new awakening, a new era or evolutionary cycle. We can see prophecies hidden in unexpected places. For example, behind a dollar bill is a pyramid, which has 13 layers. At the apex of the pyramid is a bright eye of wisdom. The number thirteen is related to the 13th Baktu, the Mayans, and the eye represents wisdom.

What will happen in 2012?

A question can have many answers. In fact, the question should not focus on "What will happen", but what is already happening.

Using a little common sense and objective observation, we could see that the last 20 years have been, for most people, times of difficult experiences, painful and even confusing or limiting: violence, poverty, hunger, war, deforestation, unconsciousness, pollution, disease, etc. If we look at this at first glance, might seem unfair, incomprehensible and even cause a lot of fear, unhappiness, and pain and loneliness.

Living in a world with such conditions, one could wait quietly until the end of the world, because who would want to live in a world with such experiences? The question is then: why all this? To understand what's going to come in 2012, just look at what is happening and has been happening, and understand why.

Here is an example to understand the evolution:

If I only understand that life is a 2 + 2, then my life would be limited to living in a “four”, I would understand relations to a level four, economics in level four, etc. I would live in the "4" because that's what I understand and resolve in my life. But what if one day the Life "4" bothers me or makes me sick and cause me pain or limitation. And then I start to dream and try a life of eight, for example. So, I start to dream of the eight, and suddenly (2 +2) x 2 appears in my life. I see strange symbols in my life and call them "problems" which may get me discouraged because I did not want trouble! What I want is a greater life.

So, I think that life is unfair because it gives me problems, and the more I dream of the "eight", the more life seems to insist on running into a problem. However, as seen in the example above, life is a constant growth equation, where there are no problems, but challenges. The "problem" is nothing but the way how life invites us to discover something greater.

There is something within us that is infinite and unbounded: we are not only a "4", we are beings with a consciousness evolving and growing. The man who doesn’t grow, stagnates and begins to suffer. So, the world's problems should be a challenge for humanity to understand that life is not limited to living and thinking in one way. Life is a constant growth and evolution. If we do not want to learn new things about ourselves and life, then we get stuck. And that's when we began to suffer lack, limitation and pain.

The Mayan prophecies and the evolution of the human race

The above example can give us a clear idea of what has happened in the world and what is going to happen. Life has been preparing a way to grow and meet the essential things in our lives.

The civilization in recent years has been very focused on economic status, appearance, having reason to defend the personality, to live on the surface, in competition and passenger satisfaction, and more, which is not wrong. No, in fact, this is a world of creative experiences where man can afford to experience anything that strikes fancy. The point is that things do not always have to be in the same place, i.e. you need to bring reality into ever more grandiose experiences.

So, somehow the Maya say is not the end of a civilization, but the transformation of the way how people live and think. And no need to wait until 2012 to see how the reality pushes us to see and notice something greater than we already know and have seen. Life now has many new challenges, which lead us to make new choices and find information about ourselves.

Anything that happens or does not happen in 2012 is just the result of a movement of evolution: an awakening of consciousness. Who will suffer or fear the future? Those who resist the change due to lack of inner knowledge, those who have not spent a little time to understand each other better.

So, while waiting for the final minutes to welcome the New Year, think that whatever comes into your life next year will only be a blessing to magnify. And if you make a wish, ask for knowledge as it is the most powerful wand to transform any reality.

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2 Reviews about 2012: prophecies, rebirth and evolution
on 23/02/2015
I think - or perhaps I'm just hoping - that an evolution in consciousness is immenent. Just as all things mature, so will human consciousness, and at this moment in time it is sorely needed. So many people are choosing to continue to live in misery and suffering. First world countries have all of their needs met, so why is everyone so angry?
on 20/12/2012
It?s almost 21! I don?t know what to think because some people say that something big is going to happen, like earthquakes or things like that? but I don?t know maybe it?s just a transition like the article says, and we must use this time to learn how to understand ourselves and nature?

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