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10 reasons to eat organic products

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10 reasons to eat organic products

1.    Consuming organic products is being concerned about our health. The products that are obtained from a conventional farming suffer changes in its organic composition, which have marked and sustained effects for our health. According to experts in nutrition, many of the degenerative diseases have their origin in food.

2.    The organic food has the enough nutrients and keeps an accurate balance in minerals and trace elements according to our needs.

3.    Whole grains should be grown organically, as in conventional agriculture deals with synthetic products, toxic substances accumulate in the surface.

4.    Foods maintain their authentic taste and have a natural cycle, with no alterations, have more storage.

5.    When consuming organically grown food, we are working with the environment and prevent pollution of land, water and air.

6.    It helps to save energy. In the cultivation and production of the product they take advantage of the most renewable resources. To obtain non-organic products to more than 10 calories per one obtained in the form of food are required.

7.    The organic products do not contain artificial substances and are properly assimilated by the body without altering metabolic functions.

8.    Consumer of organic products, through the responsibly choice, contributes to the independence of the farmer and the creation of jobs.

9.    True domestic economy is a function of proper nutrition and health. Organic products are not more expensive for the family economy and, moreover, their nutrient content per unit weight is higher than the conventional, consuming less.

10.  Asking for organically grown products is a responsible choice that can change the activity of businesses and governments, and methods and products to encourage more respectful of the environment and health of all and everyone.

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2 Reviews about 10 reasons to eat organic products
on 08/10/2014
I totally agree with this article. I just love reading these because they're short and sweet, and really get to the point. no superfluous wording. I agree with Katie too, in that the problems lies in the fact that people don't realize the need for these changes, and even if they do, a lot of times people are too absorbed in their habits, they don't care to change.
on 08/10/2013
The problem is when the people don?t realize that there is a need for change and consuming and supporting the products that are friendly with the environment, which, besides being very healthy to the body, help a lot of people that are the producers and farmers or more

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