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Medicinal plants of South America are vital to humans


The overall socio-economic importance of medicinal and aromatic plants is increasingly recognized not only as a vital resource for health and human welfare, but for its rich cultural and biological fa...

Ambient Intelligence, health and welfare

Natural Medicine News

The goal of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is seeking welfare for the public and getting a new friendly, rational, productive, sustainable and safe individual with the environment. Experts from several co...

Macrobiotic: Ying and Yang foods and other Basics

Macrobiotic Food

.. It is needless to deal with the disease, it is useless because it is variable and is always there. We need to create in the human body a space in which it does not incubate. George Oshawa.



Burdock peeling - 10 ml

Vegetal Burdock peeling apt for all the skins - Prepared destined to desescamar the most external l...

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Syrup sap - Madal Bal - 500 ml

Syrup of sap is made up of palm and maple sap. The palm and maple sap comes from the vast forests of...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 articles) 1 

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