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Tips for Spinning



Tips for Spinning

When we talk about indoor biking, we refer to different training program that takes place over a stationary bicycle. In fact, you use a stationary bike with a completely different design, sporty and aerodynamic. This is what is also known as spinning. Thus, with the rhythm of music, you perform the same exercises that are performed over a street bike, climbing mountains, long runs on roads and all without leaving the gym hall.

If you've never ridden a bike, do not be afraid. Please note that the good thing is that this practice can make all people over age 18 because you do not require complex coordination or balance is not necessary to be cycling or have ridden a bicycle before.

What muscles work with indoor bicycle?

The best part is that this training is designed for an aerobic workout in which you work amrs and legs: quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, gastrocnemius. Although it also works chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps and abdominal area.

One advantage is that it is a low-impact activity so reducing the risk of injury and minimizing joint stress. The main purpose of a class of bike is the work of cardiovascular endurance and burning calories. The good news is that each session can burn between 400 and 600 Kcal. It will depend on how hard you work each.

It is an exercise bike but with a design more "sporty". This is fitted with a flywheel that will control with a knob that regulates resistance, an adjustable seat and handlebar-shaped horns, also adjustable. The position on the indoor cycling bike is more aerodynamic than a normal bike and gives us more power and feeling of riding a real road bike.

Please note:

  • Before practicing spinning is good to consult with your doctor
  • Spinning requires a lot of physical evidence and therefore you should be fit and ready to do it.
  • A class lasts about 40 minutes and must be provided by a certified instructor.
  • Instructors indicate practice three or four days a week.
  • You must practice with cotton clothing because this type of fiber is good to absorb perspiration.
  • You should use hard-soled tennis that are required for the step, cross, or athletics. The laces on your sneakers should not hang too.
  • Do not forget to bring to each session your water bottle and your towel.
  • If possible, use a pulsimeter to control and regulate your heart rate.
  • Before starting work, familiarize yourself with the spinning bike, read and learn how to place your feet on the pedals, different possible moves and to do in case of emergencies or problems.
  • Make sure you always have a proper position to be able to perform exercises properly and avoid hurt.
  • If during practice you feel slightly dizzy, stop and slowly tell your instructor immediately.

How are the classes?

In indoor cycling classes, the most important people are student and coach, he will be responsible for directing and controlling the functioning of the class. The idea is that the group of students always keeps the same level of work. Such sessions are an ideal alternative for anyone looking for work and fun at the same time. Sessions are easy for everyone and ideal for bikers looking for additional training.


Before performing the routine, it is necessary to warm up the arms and legs, and also at the end of the session is good to practice some kind of relaxation on the same bike and stretching. In many institutions at the end of each session of indoor cycling, people performe other exercises such as crunches with which the training is more complete.

  • To carry out routine begins by spinning the basic exercises to subsequently make different combinations. One can start with normal pedaling and then make changes in the rhythms. Other exercise is making changes in pedal resistance.
  • Alternating legs pedaling: During a specified time, distance or work around only one leg. The other makes no force on the pedal at that time or is removed from the lies and leave relaxed and hanging. You can also ask to be made with a hand stretching the thigh or lower leg.
  • Making changes in the way of pedaling: These exercises increase the effectiveness of training; it works different lower body muscle groups.

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3 Reviews “Tips for Spinning”

on 11/12/2014
I've been a competitive cyclist for several years now, and I have to say, I've been to a few spin classes adn they're just not really what we, as cyclists use to get "fit". Spin classes are great for spiking up heart rate levels and burning lots of high intensity calories, but if you really want to burn FAT I highly recommend just doing some easy spinning for about 15 hours a week. This will definitley burn FAT!
on 01/06/2014


on 07/05/2013
Hey, good information, there are many people that are afraid of following a routine of sports or exercise, mainly because they are ashamed of themselves and this attitude should be destroyed now!, spinning is a lot of fun, you can practice it with your friends and have a good conversation while doing exercise, totally recommendable.

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