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Diabetes and Bulimia: A fatal duo


Eating disorders cause deterioration in overall body, which slowly decreases our health. If these disorders like bulimia come to fruition with type 1 diabetes, it is a highly dangerous combination. Le...

Syndromes in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

One of the main characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine is the differentiation of syndromes, which depends on the characteristics of the problem and although we are talking of the same disease...



MENONATUR GOLD Reducing Menopausal Symptoms - 30 Capsules

Reduces Feeling of Suffocation and Night Sweats during Menopause During menopause is normal that ...

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MEGA DEFENS Quick Defense against Flu Symptoms - 6 vials with 30

Quick Defense Against Flu symptoms MEGA DEFENCE features a high concentration of medical selected...

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