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Spinal fusion: A surgical option for severe spinal disorders


Spinal fusion is a very delicate operation that is used only in extreme situations to fix discs of the spine. During operation the vertebrae are joined together with the aid of plates and screws in or...

Care and post-operation diet (appendicitis)


Appendicitis is an inflammation of the mucosa of the appendix which, when obstructed by pus, may break and reach the peritoneum, leading to peritonitis. When appendicitis is acute, requires emergency ...

Recipes and Diet for people with Appendicitis (or prevent it)

Food Therapy

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, a small segment of finger-shaped that highlights in the intestine near the point where it joins the small intestine. The causes of this condition may ...

Tummy Tuck ... at home?


Yes. We know that the tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery that is performed in the abdomen, and is a complex surgical procedure to reconstruct the abdominal wall, which consists of several stages. This sur...

Cosmetic surgery and Esteem


Cosmetic plastic surgery has become fashionable in recent years, it seems it's becoming more natural to accept what was once considered taboo by the surgery to be a more beautiful or young, sin by exc...



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