Training and Exercises Ausbildung und Übungen Entrenamiento y Ejercicios

Training and Exercises

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How to Prepare to Run a Marathon

A marathon consists of a race of 42 kilometers and represents a challenge for our physical condition, however, due to the physical requirement we should not take a marathon lightly, it is advisable a ...

7 Exercises to lose weight

Possibly everyone knows that exercise is necessary in order to be in good shape and, above all, it is a pillar in any weight loss plan.

How to Keep your Glutes in Shape

You don’t need surgery to have perfect glutes, nor do you need invasive techniques. All you need is persistence and a good exercise routine, along with a balanced diet.

Five Routines for Strengthening Arms and Legs

Exercise is not only one of the best allies for health, but it is as well for having a healthy looking body. If you want firmer arms and legs, the solution lies in following an appropriate routine, d...

How to Stay in shape during the Winter

When the thermometer starts down, also does our motivation to get up and get going, accompanied by the desire to consume more caloric foods, such as breads, chocolates, etc. which makes keeping our we...

Routine of Exercises to Increase your Buttocks

Firm buttocks are considered an attraction for many men and women. A sedentary lifestyle besides generating loss of muscle tone, increases the size of our belly, so you can have flabby buttocks withou...

Simple routine to tone and shape your body

You're at your proper weight, however, you note sagging in your legs, or dislike your buttocks, you can do a simple exercise sequence and tone your body without the need for an expensive surgery.

Yoga to control your weight

Yoga is a philosophy of life that helps the physical, mental and spiritual individual. The poses also known as asanas have curative, preventive and recuperative properties.

Exercises for the entire body

Any type of exercise is good without doubt, however, some may be more effective than others, so it is good to know this when we have extra time to exercise.

Shape your figure, exercises for your buttocks

The dream of many people is to have a perfect, bulky, rounded and well raised butt. However, the reality is that in most cases the buttocks are still not perfect, they are either too large, very littl...

Pole Dance, develop your curves and muscles

Several famous women have this kind of dance in their workout routines. Since its benefits are many, it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The pole dance is a very comprehensive training,...

Do exercise, say no to excuses

Are you too busy to exercise? Or maybe you think it’s too boring or difficult. This is how most people opt for a more sedentary life, even if the recommendation is to perform at least half an hour o...

Exercise in the elderly

There are currently a large number of possibilities for older adults to live with optimism and intensity, one of them is exercise. Aging is a natural dynamic, irreversible, progressive and universal p...

Swimming, Health and Wellness

Swimming is an activity that offers physical and mental benefits. It is performed without impact exercises, there is a great aerobic development and involve almost every muscle groups, which favors th...

5 Basic Exercises

For optimum physical results, it is necessary to do cardio, strength and flexibility each week. But what are the basics?

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