Spain at the World Fair of Organic Products Spanien auf der Weltausstellung für ökologische Produkte España presente en la Feria Mundial de Productos ecológicos


Spain at the World Fair of Organic Products

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Spain at the World Fair of Organic Products

The price of olive oil has risen 43.8% in March over the same month last year, and 5.4% compared to February, according to data presented yesterday by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

Anchovies are in second place in the ranking of products that are more expensive in the last 12 months, up 21.4%, followed by salmon and trout, with increases of 11, 39% and 10.6% respectively.

Other significant increases in the interannual rate are the roosters (9.1%), hake (7.2%) and CHIRLA (5.6%), but carrots also increased (8.2 %), beef (7.3%) and pork (6.4%).

In the chapter on falls in the past year include beans (-30.4%), lettuce (-21.8%), tomato salad (-20.9%) and green peppers (-15.2%).

On the other hand, the largest price increases in March and February correspond to regard green peppers (4.8%), spinach (4.3%) and tomato salad (3.2%) whereas, by contrast, fell lamb (-5.8%), blue whiting (-3.6%), hake (-3.3%) and sardines (-3.1%).

Within the packaged product, besides olive oil, also increased interannual rate of the red wine a year (11.5%) and frozen shrimps (11.5%) lower compared to the mussels in escabeche (-3.1%) and rice (-2.9%).

In February, state from frankfurt sausages is 3.8%, while frozen shrimps fell (-4.4%) and mussels (-3.6%).

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