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The ABC of Lactose intolerance


Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest large quantities of milk and its derivatives. In order to ingest milk and dairy products rich in lactose, the body needs an intestinal enzyme called lact...

Six Soya recipes

Soya recipes

The Soybeans is a very nutritional food. For their protein content may play a role in the diet of athletes and vegetarians. In this article we present more recipes that can be developed with Soybean:

The GM Soy in Latin America


The GM soya in Latin America: A machine of hunger, deforestation and ecological devastation Miguel A. Altieri and Walter A. Pengue Ecoportal.net For the ninth consecutive year, the biotechnology in...



Organic Japanese Brown Rice Black Soya Bean Mochi - Clearspring - 250 g

The hearty flavour and unique, chewy texture of mochi has made it a natural favourite in Japan. ...

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Soya Milk Powder - 400 g

Powdered Soya Milk DieMilk Soya milk Diemilk is very easy to prepare: Dissolve 10 g of powdered m...

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