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Peeling: An option to renew the skin on your face

Facial Care

Can you imagine taking off a layer of your skin and say goodbye to spots, fine lines, and dead skin cells in your face? Broadly speaking, that is peeling. Peeling is based on removing the surface laye...

Rejuvenating medicinal fruit and vegetable mixes


There is nothing new about the the innumerable properties of fruits and vegetables, which should be included in our daily diet to maintain not only the beauty and vitality of the body but to maintain it well cleansed and healthy. For healing purposes...

Peter Pan Syndrome: Men who behave like kids

Dating and Love

Peter Pan is a fictional character from the novel by M. Barrie, who plays a boy who lives in the land of "Neverland" and refuses to grow up, turning time infinite.

Recipes with mushrooms

Recipes & Cooking

There are a variety of edible mushrooms that we can use in cooking and recipes using mushrooms are excellent especially if you want an easy food that may be enjoyable for the whole family.

Stress and potential Illnesses it can cause

Personal Development

Do you know how many diseases stress causes? We will define stress as anything that puts the body in a prolonged and constant defensive state. Stress is really a state of fear, which has many intensities or levels, as worry, uncertainty, anxiety, etc...

Spice up your recipes with Cranberries

Fruit recipes

Cranberry is a berry that tastes somewhat sour, which has been used for many purposes, both culinary and medicinal.

Learn to create healthy habits


The word habit refers to a repetitive behavior of the person; healthy habits are those behaviors that promote health. After reflecting and giving accounts of our unhealthy habits, the need arises for us to create healthier habits.

Natural Care for your hair

Hair Care

If you are used to wash your hair daily and expose it to hot air from the dryer as well as the use of flat irons, pliers and other tools that use heat, you should know that your hair can be mistreated.

3 Salad Recipes: Eating with colours

Food Therapy

Salads are one of the most varied dishes that we eat because we can include great variety of ingredients and create many combinations, a great way to get proper combinations and utilize the nutrients is guided by the color of the food, in the case of...

Risks for developing Type 2 Diabetes


If current trends continue, it is estimated that by 2050, one in three adults will suffer from this disease. While these statistics are discouraging us, the reality does not have to be this way, type 2 diabetes is preventable by adopting certain chan...

Japanese disciplines to take care of your Health

Alternative Therapies

Life expectancy in Japan is 82.2 years, becoming the country with longest life according to statistics. Research suggests that this is because the Japanese have great safety culture, it is estimated that they go to the doctor about 13.4 times a year....

Honey: A sweet treasure


The honey is not only a sweetener; it is also antiseptic and source of vitamins. You might have heard that honey is beneficial for consumption, but the benefits do not end there, honey can even be used topically.

Changing for love? Or Being yourself?

Personal Development

We all have an essence, a personality, and sometimes we want "negotiating" for love, however, this is it really love? People who know how to love, love the other no matter their faults, without forcing or trying to change the other. If you do not lo...

Traditional Mexican Baking

Kitchen of the World

The bakery occupies an important place in our diet, each country creates and reinvents their classic bakery, in Mexico there is a long tradition of bread that are classics of Mexican cuisine. The results bring a good mixture and variety which is real...

Teas to combat annoying coughs


Coughing is not a disease itself, but rather a symptom, usually it appears when there is a disease of the airways, however, when the cough is persistent, it is considered chronic, and is commonly associated with asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis a...


Organic Muesli with fruits

The Muesli is the result of the mixture of several cereals, nuts, dried fruits and dehydrated, and s...

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Alkanet Unguent - 125 cc

Alkanet Unguent, call also Root of the Devil, was used the past in curing wounds military, burns, cr...

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