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Seitan: vegetable meat


Seitan: vegetable meat


The vegetable mea of wheat gluten is called Seitan, which is found in the germ of the wheat kernel, being more vital and energetic. Wheat gluten is obtained by natural processes and which also contain...

Delicious dinners to lose weight

Food Therapy

If you're dieting and you are tired of eating the same, or are vegetarian and want something special for dinner, here are these very light and easy to make dinners, low in calories and very original, made with wheat , barley , peas , vegetables that ...

Wonders of Vitamin C


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has many properties, but especially is notable for its remarkable antioxidant effects that strengthen the immune system, besides helps regenerate skin cells. Do you want to know everything this powerful vitamin...

Recipes with Oatmeal and Raisins

Recipes with Grains

Oats and raisins are great companions for many dishes. If we put the nutritional properties of the two, we get highly nutritious food: oatmeal has high energetic qualities , is rich in proteins of high biological value, contains carbohydrates, fat lo...

Do you want some apple ice cream? (Recipes with apple)

Fruit recipes

The apple is one of the foods with the highest nutritional value and energy, also serve to help the recovery from various ailments, is widely used in food to prepare dishes, especially baked goods . If you want to know more about the apple,

Holotropic Breathing

Alternative Therapies

Very few people know the benefits of deep breathing, which is of great help to oxygenate the blood, tissues, strengthening the organs of the body, to fortify and benefit the nervous system, muscular and glandular, and so on. There are many breathing ...

Five recipes for five diseases

Food Therapy

Converting food into medicine is not new , the people interested in food know that the food properties when used for this purpose are very effective and tasty to get the much desired health. This is because food, when quality is well combined and use...

The Vegetarian Diet and Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Parenting

If you followed a vegetarian diet for some time and suddenly you know you've been pregnant, you might wonder what may vegetarian women ask to themselves: Di I have to keep eating well? My diet will meet the essential needs for my baby? Should I be a ...

Recipes for Vegetarian kids


Being vegetarian means not only stopping eating animal flesh, but living a routine and habits that promote health as well as body , mental harmony , emotional beauty and creativity. A vegetarian child is not a skinny and lifeless child as some might ...

The wonders of argan oil in your skin


This popular oil of the southwestern Morocco comprises a 80% of essential fatty acids (50% linoleic acid, alpha 15%, 12% oleic acid, 1% arachidonic acid, gamma acid 3%), and also contains large amounts of vitamin E (three times more than olive oil) ...

Caring Health with Organic Food

Organic Farming News

Menu of the day:'' Fruit, vegetable, oil, eggs, sausages, meat: honey and nuts''. Appetizing, and above all very healthy, because all these products are organic and the basis of Organic Food Program for Social Consumption in the Andalusian region, sp...

Recipes with Amaranth, Mexican style

Kitchen of the World

This extraordinary plant food is considered the food of the future, and is on the international programs approved by dietitians from NASA. In it we find an important source of protein and vitamins how A, B , C , B1 , B2 , B3 . It is rich in folic aci...

What your eyes and gaze say about you

Personal Development

Keeping eyes healthy and beautiful is the conclusion of a number of elements not only physical but mental and spiritual. We know that the eyes of the people largely dictates the personality of that person and, if we are observers and develop the art ...

Natural remedies against Colds


Sounds the alarm but you do not want to wake up, head hurts and you did not rest well at night because you could not breathe properly. You look in the mirror and have a red nose, eyes a little swollen; What is the first thing that you do? ¿Running o...

Recipes with Almonds

Recipes & Cooking

Definitely, almonds are a food that should be present in any diet, especially in vegetarian and vegan diets. Almonds have a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid ) and contain considerable amounts of vitamin E (24 mg). Besides being...


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Displaying 1771 to 1800 (of 2646 articles) «...5657585960 ...»

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