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Polaris Aurea Center


Polaris Aurea Center

Nature Center

Center Polaris Aurea was born as Natural Therapy Center in order to strengthen the body, mind and soul. It works with a variety of therapies for overcoming those illnesses, or physical or psychologica...

Recipes of India with different spices

Kitchen of the World

For those who like good and healthy food, cuisine of India is a very good option. The Hindu meal is the result of the diversity of cultures that have enriched, and most of the seasoning of their dishes is closely related by significant usage of spice...

Economics as a reflection of the global stress

Stress and Anxiety

Great part of the world is looking for gold and money, but few are reaching the eyes to see where the money really flows, and which is the food that it consumes to grow. Thus, the tree money in these times seems to warn that we need to forget its bra...

Reducing the tummy belly

Burn Fat

There are many factors that influence the emergence of the famous and so hated tummy tires. As a side note that between 50 and 60 percent of fat that accumulates in the middle torso is due to genes you've inherited! Moreover, and this is where we sho...

Recipes for beautifying and nourishing drinks for cold days

Food Therapy

The cold season requires a proper diet not only for the system to be strong and ready to adapt to low temperatures, but for our skin, hair and eyes, which are those that are directly exposed to cold air, to remain very healthy and avoid extreme dryne...

Andalusia: organic food and eco-tourism

Organic Farming News

To value organic food, Andalusia is conducting a major development of ecotourism and rural areas. These enterprises were provided by the General Directorates of Production Ecological and Sustainable Development of the Rural Environment of Andalusia. ...

Raquel Cabo Natural Cabinet

Nature Center

Raquel Cabo Natural Cabinet is a natural center located in Valencia. There are treatments of Nutrition and Diet; Naturopathy, color therapy, Iridology, Treatment and Bach Flowers Ortomolecular , among others.

Prevent and combat obesity in children

Lose weight

In 2004, a film shocked and called the attention of the public about the interesting and even shocking revelations regarding food and poor nutrition. Sure many will know that I speak of the documentary film entitled Super Size Me, which takes the vie...

Auriculotherapy: an alternative to millennial health

Manual therapy

In china auricle medicine is considered an authority in relation to the whole human body, the acupuncture or ear. Headset medicine basically consists of the stimulation of certain points in the pavilion of the ear to treat, prevent and combat various...

Defining Abdominal

Sports nutrition

Did you ever want to have these well marked abdominal, and a flat belly free of fat? There are those who seek to define the abdominals to show off at the beach or the pool. Because having "good abs" is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also a well...

Recipes with Almonds for Autumn-winter

Recipes & Cooking

Just as in fashion, the almond is the kitchen companion during autumn-winter as it is widely used in a myriad of Christmas dishes and prudent consumption, provides energy in the cold season, and prevents cardiovascular disease and makes shine and hig...

The European Humanist Forum takes stock of its first edition


I European Humanist Forum closes its doors with 500 attendees from 35 different nationalities and the idea of a commitment to nonviolence in thoughts, words and deeds. This afternoon closed in the World Trade Center in Barcelona I European Human Foru...

Horsetail: its properties and benefits


This is one of the earliest wild plants, ruled the planet since the time of dinosaurs and reached an enormous size. Today is one of the most widely consumed herbs in the world, has many therapeutic and aesthetic properties, but mainly is known for it...

Kore Nature Center

Nature Center

Under the slogan Health is the first step into the beauty, Kore is a center that sees aesthetics as a therapy, understanding the beauty and harmony and looking after the health. The Center specializes in treatments using techniques and natural produc...

Delicious recipes with Avocado

Fruit recipes

The avocado is also called "butter fruit" for its consistency. This tropical fruit has many nutritional properties, contains minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, in addition to healing properties. It contains a lot of vitamin E, which serves...


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Displaying 1681 to 1710 (of 2646 articles) «...5657 585960...»

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