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Recipes for children with Vegetarian Sausages

Soya recipes

Vegetarians don’t fight the forms of food, and can enjoy very good sausages, hams, chops, meatballs, etc., when these do not contain animal flesh. The vegetarian sausages are a mixture of spices wit...

The importance of preferinf natural beauty products and cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

Do you like making up? Do you like applying creams and lotions and so? Well now you have to take into account that cosmetics or creams and beauty products you use every day, and which are in contact with your skin most of the day, are actually produc...

Mexican Mole Recipes

Kitchen of the World

Although it is difficult to ascertain the origin of this traditional Mexican dish, Mole appears to be the result of the merger between the Hispanic food and food introduced by the Spanish cuisine. At the time of conquest, the nuns offered to diners d...

Global Crisis: Effects on organic production

Organic Farming News

We cannot deny the global financial crisis and shows its first effects. Organic products are not immune to this phenomenon, since products are usually more expensive and easily replaceable. But the future is not all black, some people might argue an ...

Protein shakes


There are sports or physical activities that require you to provide extra calories and protein, and this is because the intensification of the processes that release energy generated for the need for supplemental protein intake to meet increased need...

Everything to make your nails beautiful and healthy


Beautiful hands with a nice, healthy and beautiful nails. Nails are the center of attraction of the hands, especially for women, although the hands of a man can also be attractive and alluring as a woman, especially if nails are healthy and clean.

Los cuatro amaneceres Spa

Nature Center

Los cuatro amaneceres was born as a leisure and health spa that offers first class accommodation. It is a center of rest in the countryside surrounded by a beautiful forest that invites reflection and relaxation of body and mind. Los cuatro amanecere...

Recipes with Chickpeas flour

Recipes & Cooking

Chickpea flour is the result of finely grinding the beans. India is currently the largest producer of this vegetable, which is widely used. It contains no gluten so it is recommended in diets for celiacs, people who cannot tolerate gluten from other ...

Important fats for your Health, Beauty and Intelligence


When you think of fat, it is common have the idea of someone obese or sick of the arteries or with health problems. However, perhaps you've heard out that not all fats are harmful, there are fats that are essential for health, welfare and vital funct...

Guide for New Vegetarians


If you are switching to a vegetarian diet by health benefits, you'll be glad to know that there is another great additional advantage in the vegetarian food as delicious and fun to explore new foods. A vegetarian meal may be as familiar such as spagh...

Aerobox an alternate aerobic

Training and Exercises

We all know the importance of aerobic exercise to improve our quality of life. However, many people find it difficult to choose the appropriate activity.

Recipes with Figs

Fruit recipes

Figs are a fruit with lots of water and rich in carbohydrates (sucrose, fructose), so their caloric value is high. This delicious fruit is rich to fiber and organic acids and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Here are 6 delicious rec...

¿Chronic fatigue? Try Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Food

The feeling of heaviness throughout the day is an important messenger to consider, because it could be a symptom of depression, which may have their roots in poor nutrition. If you often feel hearted or feeling good costs you, you do not have courage...

The pleasure of an Holistic Spa

Nature Center

With personalized attention, Gimbella Holistic Spa offers all kinds of exotic face and body treatments, massages aesthetic, oriental and bioenergy, along with music and aromatherapy to display their senses.

Mallorca: first eco-cooperative

Organic Farming News

Loving and wanting to live in Earth, respecting it, is the kick that has generated a group of small farmers that has managed to market fruits and vegetables grown on Majorcan land totally using organic methods.


Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus L.) - 40 g

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