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EATING HEALTHY. Urban fair of natural and organic foods

Diet News

EATING HEALTHY is the first cooking show focused on urban health and well-being through the consumption of natural and organic foods. With the aim of disseminating and promoting ecological culture has...

The consumption of fiber and physical activity

Sports nutrition

The fiber is the component of plant foods that give them stiffness and feel of fiber. It is not absorbed or digested but has very important properties for the body, based on which there are two types of fiber.

Caution with your skin when sunbathing


Sunbathing is a popular pastime where one spends most vacations near the beach or pool, and an activity that can be really harmful to the skin and cause unpleasant consequences if we fail to take adequate precautions. Lie in the sun certainly is a ve...

Spain: the cultivation of transgenic maize vs. the ecological


The situation of GMOs in Spain is going through a bad time and will need to make urgent changes. As in the last year, were grown some 80,000 hectares of transgenic maize in the country. In the framework of the World Day against GMOs, environmental o...

Bow spa: urban naturist and spiritual

Nature Center

Bow Spa is a Naturist Spa Spiritual that supplements Natural Beauty and massage, holistic therapies and Bioenergetics , in order to obtain and deliver results that address the causes of deviations functional (Mind-Spirit) rather than purely physical ...

Andalusia promotes ecological agriculture

Organic Farming News

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries provides for the development, growth and diversification in agro-ecological production system. This is the priority objective of the policy to promote production and consumption of environmental, and aims to ...

Guide to improve muscle mass

Training and Exercises

Most people who start looking for a sport do it to feel good and improve their lifestyle. A very important group is seeking the quickest way to gain practice and muscle mass, i.e. to increase the volume of the muscles. In this regard it is necessary ...

Mexican recipes with corn tortillas

Recipes with Grains

The hot dog to the United States like the taco to Mexico. The tacos are one of the most popular dishes of Mexican food, and are made with corn tortillas, which are in the diets of nearly all Mexicans with which you can develop very different dishes, ...

Center Zuhaizpe: Physical and Emotional Healing

Nature Center

Zuhaizpe, is recognized as a Medical Center-Health by the Health Department of Navarre, is a quiet place in which it facilitates the physical, mental and emotional contact with nature. The Health Center is a village with 2,000 m2 of garden, fruit tr...

About the Oligotherapy

Alternative Therapies

The exhaustion, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and loneliness to the human suffering is due to a deficient food, which fails to meet the daily requirement of nutrients and chemicals that the body needs to perform the work, reactions and basic ...

Recipes with prunes

Fruit recipes

The prunes are like fresh plums but are subjected to a drying process by either the sun or by using special ovens. In fact, both the fresh and dried plums have the same properties in food, although in the dry, properties increase because the drying p...

Flower essences, herbs, and tips to cure anxiety naturally

Stress and Anxiety

Who has not ever felt the feeling of nervousness, insecurity or fear? The pace of life somewhat accelerated, coupled with the loneliness and lack of knowledge about what we feel, leads to anxiety that starts to be a kind of "normality" in everyday li...

Fruits and vegetables for purging your body


Keeping your body clean internally is essential, not only to avoid the appearance of many diseases, but to keep it beautiful and the ideal weight. And who better to clean the body that vegetables and fruits, which knowing to use in the right way can ...

Greek Recipes

Kitchen of the World

Greek gastronomy has strong influence with the Italian, Middle Eastern and cuisine from the Balkans, but today is very different to Greek food as it was formerly. As a general feature of most Greek dishes are served mild to hot, and one of the oldest...

Juice Recipes for Health

Recipes & Cooking

Complicity of nature is great benefit from its gifts, and whether you are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, dermatitis, hemorrhoids, or whatever, nature has in its colorful world the necessary elements for your laboratory called body to work proper...


Willow Herb (Epilobium parviflorum) - 50 g

Tradiotional Use: The Willow Herb is a medicinal plant that has been traditionally used for prostate...

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Collagen with Magnesium - Ana María Lajusticia - 180 Tablets

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, being the essential constituent of cartilag...

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Displaying 1531 to 1560 (of 2646 articles) «...5152 535455...»

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