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Dessert Recipes with Tapioca

Recipes & Cooking

Manioc (cassava) flour is a kind of plant with which we prepare all kinds of dishes like soups, biscuits, breads, etc.. It is a very nutritious food and also contains no gluten, so gluten intolerant (...

ECOCULTURA 2009: Organic Products Fair Spanish and Portuguese

Events, Conferences and Exhibiti

ECOCULTURA, the Spanish and Portuguese Fair of Organic Products will be held in Zamora (Spain) on days 10, 11 and 12 October 2009 and has become a reference point as call transfer of producers, processors and distributors of organic products.

Ethiopian Recipes: Healthy dishes of the world

Kitchen of the World

Each country has a very peculiar way of preparing their dishes, and each country has, among those dishes, some that stand out not only as a treat for the palate, but because they are highly nutritious and energetic. On this occasion we chose Ethiopia...

Naturopathy. Natural Living = Healthy Life

Alternative Therapies

The aim of naturopathy is to stimulate the body's ability to fight disease. Current naturopathy rests on three pillars (food, body and mind), the balance of which leads to the well-being and optimal health. It also influences a way of thinking and li...

Thin legs? Give them shape and volume

Chest, Legs and Buttocks

Having thin legs is not something that appeals to many women, but there are who will give whatever to have legs as thin as the models in magazines. In short, thanks to nature there is the exercise and diets, which are excellent aids and the best ways...

Vinaigrette Recipes

Recipes & Cooking

The dressings are excellent companions, but not only in salad but in steamed vegetables, seafood, meats and more. They have the advantage of being easy to prepare and are good friends to dress with a twist any conventional dish. Here we share some se...

Healthy Kids

Personal Development

If there is something a parent wants for their child is health as without it, you cannot enjoy the essentials of life. Health is a natural state of the body, a result of balance and harmony between the four main aspects that make it up and that can b...

Recipes to prepare Vegetable Milks

Recipes & Cooking

They are called "milk" not only because replace cow's milk of animal origin, but that far is gone because they are much more healthy and nutritious, perfect for maintaining the overall beauty of the body. In addition, vegetable milks do not contain l...

Strong and rapidly growing Nails following these simple tips


A nice detail that never goes unnoticed are the nails. While we look not directly on them or are the first thing we notice, nails speak of our personality but is not necessary to carry in a stunning way, even though painting and decorating is a detai...

Whole grains Bakery Recipes

Recipes with Grains

Bread is a traditional food in the diet of many, and each country has a special way to prepare. However, at any rate to prepare the bread, you need to know that bread is divided into three groups: industrial bread, artisan bread and organic or biolog...

Healthy and nutritious substitutes for cow's milk


They say that the custom is stronger than love. And the habit of drinking cow's milk is undoubtedly one of the strongest in many people. Cow's milk is reputed to be essential for growth and health. But nothing is more false. We do not deny that taste...

Artichokes Recipes

Recipes with vegetables

The artichoke is a vegetable excellent for weight loss; it eliminates low cholesterol, and a powerful source of antioxidants, rich in vitamin C and E. In the kitchen is a vegetable with a distinctive taste, is easily adapted to salads and sauces, and...

Sexuality During Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Parenting

Sexuality can be practiced with many (if any) purposes, one of which is the approach, bodily communication and intimacy with your partner. The sexual life can be achieved without advice or help from anyone, but certainly a little knowledge would help...

Healthy Lunch Recipes for Kids

Recipes & Cooking

Do not forget the imagination when you prepare your kid’s lunch. Creating different types of lunch, which are also very nutritious and palatable for small, can be very simple if you consider some ingredients in weekly basis and have on hand to prep...

Take care of the delicate skin of your eyes

Facial Care

Throughout the body, the skin around the eyes (lower, upper lids, etc.) is one of the most sensitive and delicate. If you do not care enough in this area and procure enough attention, this area of your skin could become damaged irreversibly, causing ...


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Displaying 1381 to 1410 (of 2646 articles) «...4647 484950...»

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