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Oats for weight loss


Oats for weight loss

Lose weight

Do you want to lose those extra kilos? Are you morbidly obese? Do you have rolls of fat in the abdomen and back? Do you have health problems? Then oats can become one of your best friends if you learn...

Daily guide to improve health


When you get up, attempt to do it in time to meet your obligations, without haste. Avoid triggering the mind too much, since you will do that during the day. It is good to start with a few conscious breaths. Hygiene is the first, including a rubbing ...

Natural Cosmetics: Facial cleaning and natural cosmetics

Facial Care

Since ancient history, the illusion of showing a younger and beautiful skin led experts and wise men, who understood the power of nature to heal diseases, to find ingredients to prepare ointments and oils that have the power to detain the passage of ...

Recipes with Green Beans

Recipes with vegetables

Do you want something to be on fit, healthy and very tasty? How about a stew with green beans? Green beans contain very few calories, are rich in potassium, vitamin C and A, with large supply of antioxidants and are very useful in weight loss diets; ...

Millesime Bio 2012: Organic wine fair

Events, Conferences and Exhibiti

From January 23rd to 25th, 2012, the 19th edition of Bio Millésime will take place, which exhibit the most exclusive organic wines in the world. The fair was born in 1993 at the initiative of the association of winemakers of the Languedoc-Roussillon...

Skin: Where Beauty begins


I know that beauty is anything that is peaceful, happy and free, with creativity and life: something clean. Whether the skin, the sky, muscles, stomach, thoughts, words, etc., anything can be beautiful while it has those qualities.

Tempeh Recipes

Soya recipes

The Tempeh is derived from soybeans, is similar to tofu, but is more elaborate and mash. The cooking way is very similar to tofu and has its own nutritional properties; it is rich in protein, B vitamins, antioxidants and B12. If you want to make a go...

Hernias: natural tips for diet and treatment, prevention and post-operation


Hernias occur when the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) is weakened, forming very weak areas that can lead to rupture or holes, as if it was a sack worn that cannot deal with the thing it contains within. When this happens, internal organs...

Constipated and gassy babies

Pregnancy & Parenting

Constipation, which is to be unable to pass stool or do it in an intensive way, is one of the most common problems in babies. Many of them are usually constipated, but it's not really a severe problem if treated early and in the most natural way poss...



The word vegetarian was coined by the founders of the British Vegetarian in 1842, and derives from the Latin word vegetus, which means "full, healthy, fresh and lively". The original meaning of this word implies a balanced philosophical and moral sen...

Gall Stones: natural treatments and alternative therapies to eliminate


The gallbladder is a small organ beneath the liver, it is a place that serves as storage of the bile secreted by the liver and which serves to digest fats. Bile is a compound that contains cholesterol, bile salts, lecithin and other substances that a...

Are you in a hurry?... It's best to live without stress

Stress and Anxiety

At the present time, there are more things to do and meet than the time needed to make them; the clock doesn’t help us, on the contrary, it seems it takes us the space we need to do whatever we want to do. To be in hurry becomes a habit and a lifes...

Organic products: health and beauty for you and the planet


If there is something everyone can do to help the planet, is to begin to transform the habits that damage, pollute and deteriorate it for healthy habits to help improve the conditions of the planet where we live.

Cellulite...? Try Mesotherapy and special diet

Chest, Legs and Buttocks

If you suffer from cellulite and cannot find how to dissolve and eradicate it, do not despair. Here is one of the many ways we have now to fight it. It is necessary to take into account that maybe as you well know, cellulite is not just a cosmetic pr...

Soursop Recipes

Fruit recipes

The soursop is a tree whose fruit is thin-skinned, dark green and covered with soft spines. Its pulp is white and thick and fleshy consistency, very juicy and sweet taste, although it is slightly acidic. It has black bones which gives a distinctive a...


Willow Herb (Epilobium parviflorum) - 50 g

Tradiotional Use: The Willow Herb is a medicinal plant that has been traditionally used for prostate...

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Collagen with Magnesium - Ana María Lajusticia - 180 Tablets

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, being the essential constituent of cartilag...

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Displaying 781 to 810 (of 2646 articles) «...2627 282930...»

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