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Take Care of Your Pancreas


Behind the stomach, located on the left side of the body, we have a gland which is responsible for producing certain digestive juices, in addition to insulin, an important hormone that regulates the s...

Vegetarian Christmas Delights

Recipes with vegetables

Many people seek a different and greatest Christmas each year, and dinner is one of those moments where we can give a special and unique touch to this celebration. Although each country has its traditional dishes to celebrate this time, the food is d...

A secret to rejuvenate and heal skin: Visualization


Diets, creams, ointments and your skin still does not heal? You may need to try a new healing elixir which costs nothing and can certainly support the health of your skin: Visualizing yourself. Visualizing yourself is a creative tool that has gained ...

Inner beauty to the maximum for the holidays


Here we give some very practical tips to ensure that during these parties (and always) you do not forget one of most extraordinary beauty yourself. In reality, the makeup, clothing, perfume and accessories are fun gadgets with which we play and trick...

Delicious desserts with fruit

Fruit recipes

Fruits are the favorite ingredients of the most requested desserts. On this occasion we chose 5 fruit: guava, high in vitamin C; apple, ideal for the stomach and rich in fiber and minerals; coconut, rich in oil; mango, high in fiber and vitamin A, an...

High platelets (thrombocytosis)


Platelets (thrombocytes) are small cytoplasmic fragments that circulate in the blood and whose function is to form blood clots, i.e. they help the blood to the coagulation process to maintain a balance in the cardiovascular system and prevent bleedin...

Beautiful Mouth

Facial Care

There are two key points to have a pretty mouth, lips and teeth. The lips are one of the most sensual and sexy body parts; you smile with them and are one of the first points of contact between two people. The teeth, moreover, are also important when...

Christmas drinks around the world

Recipes & Cooking

Hot or energy drinks are very popular in December, especially in places where winters are cold and hard. Mixing certain ingredients in beverages can provide heat, power and great vitality in the body, which is why a few drinks have become a tradition...

Osteopathy: the art of bringing movement to the body

Manual therapy

Osteopathy is an alternative health therapy that begins to grow stronger in Spain due to the outstanding results it has had in Europe. This technique is gentle, safe and effective when performed by professional therapists, it is considered an art to ...

Breast milk: composition and functions

Pregnancy & Parenting

Breast milk is the natural liquid food produced by all mammals for feeding a newborn. The milk is considered a rich and irreplaceable source of nutrition for babies who begin their growth but more importantly, while feeding the baby, a very positive ...

Meaning and Colors and Candles

Personal Development

Lighting candles is a way to decorate or to harmonize the environment, but it can also be very useful in meditation or visualization, even in magical rituals or ceremonies, because the fire has been associated since immemorial times with the profound...

Stressed families: the impact of extreme over-demand

Emotional Intelligence

Sharp incensement in medical visits for family stress, depressed children, women without their own space or safety valves. Tips to avoid these situations at home.

Recipes with Rice Molasses

Recipes with Grains

Molasses is obtained by fermentation of grains, in this case, rice. Fermentation of food improves its digestibility and nutritional value, as among other things, it helps transform food as complex sugars, proteins and fats into simple sugars, amino a...

Nopal (cactus) Recipes for diabetes, obesity and skin problems

Food Therapy

The cactus is a plant with many medicinal properties. Besides being a great source of fiber, calcium, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, it contains elements that help both the intestine and blood to keep working in order and with good condition, p...

Thai Massage and its application in healthcare

Manual therapy

Traditional Thai massage, also called Nuad-Bo-Rarn, is an ancient form of massage closely linked to the practice of Buddhism. This massage begins as a form of relaxation, but also celebrates the unity of body and the mind, with a deep spiritual conne...


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Displaying 751 to 780 (of 2646 articles) «...26 27282930...»

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