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Elimination of toxins, Chinese Medicine and Healthy Lungs

Chinese Medicine

The lung is an organ closely related to the elimination of toxins from the body, is connected with the intestines, skin (considered the third lung), and external pathways of the body such as nose, ear...

Large back and thin hips? Give your body a perfect shape

Training and Exercises

Many times the body tends to develop more of a part and make it wider, as the back, for example; when it gets too big, can make the body look disproportionate and unattractive, which is accentuated if the hips are narrow and legs are thin, making the...

Helping a child with addictions

Personal Development

Addiction in youth is something that can worry parents or people in their surroundings, especially when children are already a bit older and the addition is strong, making it more complex to get to them and give our help.

Recipes to strengthen, heal and maintain a healthy spleen

Food Therapy

TThe spleen is an important organ in digestion of food and has a close relationship with the body's defense system. Some of its main functions are to transform food and nutrients, to destroy old red blood cells and it is part of the lymphatic system,...

Plum Diet to heal intestines and other diseases


Are you a passive, active or ex-smoker? Do you have problems with constipation, swollen belly or obesity? Does your skin get sick often? Then this diet may be the best for you. The plums are fruits with powerful nutritional and medicinal properties.

Cure Liver with debugging and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

To purify and cure the liver, we must understand how it works and its specific physiology. The liver tends to circulate blood, enzymes, extracellular fluids, fats and more. When the liver begins to stall these poisons or toxic substances, it causes a...

Regenerate, heal and rejuvenate your skin


The skin is an organ that obviously reflects how we feel, what we eat, what hurts us, if we are sad, etc. A young, healthy skin is certainly attractive and you want to touch and look at it. That’s why eternal youth is so appreciated, because a fres...

Mamey Recipes

Fruit recipes

Have you tried mamey: ice cream, juice or jelly from this fruit? Mamey is a tropical fruit with sweet flavor, rough-skinned and red pulp; it has the consistency of an avocado and can be prepared in desserts, salads, drinks and more. In addition, the ...

Schizophrenia: causes, treatment and diet


The word schizophrenia comes from two Greek roots meaning split, break and understanding, mind or reason, so schizophrenia can be defined as a rupture or division of the intellect or reason. This condition is characterized by chronic and severe menta...

Juices to flatten belly

Food Therapy

The belly area is one of the most difficult to make firm, flat and beautiful. The abdomen is a very prone to accumulate fat, it gets swollen by the bad combination of food, constipation, menstrual cramps, colitis, nervous and anxious attitude, diffic...

Food, recipes and diet to increase platelets

Food Therapy

Platelets are blood cells responsible for defending the body. They are produced in the bone marrow and are found from 150,000 to 350,000 platelets per milliliter of blood in men and from 162 000 to 380 in women. Platelets are essential for clotting (...

How to revive the love in your partner

Dating and Love

Do you feel that he doesn’t love you anymore? Do you suspect he is getting away from you? Does not he call you as before? If you really want to keep your relationship and don’t lose someone you love, there is a lot to do before your partner decid...

Infusions with herbs to cure kidney


To heal and strengthen the kidneys, there is nothing better than a real cure through plants. Herbs offer not only a temporary healing, but help the body to stimulate its own healing ability, helping organs and systems to naturally recover their balan...

Diet and food to treat Hydrocephalus (water on the brain)

Food Therapy

Hydrocephalus is a disorder characterized by excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. This liquid, which was known as water in the past, is actually cerebrospinal fluid, a colored substance that surrounds the brain and spinal cord and which has ...

Horehound and Bladderwrack Diet to lose Weight

Lose weight

If you want to lose those extra kilos with a quick, effective, and also healthy way, this diet is perfect for you. “Horehound” and “bladderwrack” are two plants that have been used since time ago to cure various ailments, but they are mostly ...


Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizes - 250 ml

The sweet almond oil moisturizes, regenerates, repairs and protects the skin.It has the ability to r...

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Organic Muesli with fruits

The Muesli is the result of the mixture of several cereals, nuts, dried fruits and dehydrated, and s...

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Displaying 721 to 750 (of 2646 articles) «...2122232425 ...»

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