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Say Goodbye to Stress with flaxseed


The researchers from the Scientific Institute of flaxseed study in USA and Canada have shown that by consuming this seed your body can obtain many positive effects, such as reducing cellular aging, in...

Music for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy & Parenting

If you are pregnant, you've probably heard about the benefits of music on the baby and you want to start enjoying this therapy; however you must have patience, because you have to wait until 20 weeks to be sure that your baby can enjoy the pleasures ...

Rejuvenate up to 10 years with the Fast of Mind and Body


Do you want to take away a few years off? Do you feel constantly tired, fatigued or depressed? Are you sick often? Are you overweight? Then you can begin to renew your life practicing this fasting with secrets tips that will make you look like someon...

Stay Young and Healthy with swimming

Training and Exercises

Did you know that practicing swimming for 40 minutes can burn up 500 calories, achieving a harmonious silhouette and more toned muscles? Not only that, but the rhythm of swimming releases stress, making you forget your tensions. Finally you feel more...

Quinoa, Inca's sacred cereal

Recipes with Grains

If talking about the legume family, you have only heard about soy and its excellent properties, today we present you the quinoa, a seed from the Andes of South America, and sacred and main food of the Incas in Peru.

Infections: diet and recipes to control and prevent

Food Therapy

Skin, eyes, lungs, stomach infections, etc, are mainly due the saturation of toxins in the body low defenses, mainly related to both diet and the quality of food we consume. So when you have any infection, you need to improve the diet and combine it ...

Yoga in the comfort of your home

Alternative Therapies

From the comfort of your home, in an area without distracting noises and where you can extend a cloth, you can start your yoga sessions. If you are a beginner we will give some guidelines so you can master, step by step, simple exercises that will gi...

Contraindications of Green Tea


Who has not heard of the famous green tea benefits, the list is long, since it is an excellent diuretic, which is rich in antioxidants, it helps reduce abdominal fat, is good for people suffering from arthritis, among other things. A lot has been sai...

Free yourself from dandruff

Hair Care

Excess fat or dryness of our scalp may be the cause of dandruff, those pesky silvery scales that appear in our hair. Both in adolescence or adulthood, dandruff appears and it’s difficult to get rid of. We've all suffered the ravages and bad times h...

Leave the glasses and improve your sight with exercises


Do you not see well from far away? Is it hard to focus your sight? Do you have eyestrain, blurred or weak vision? Do not think that the only solution is glasses. We often think that the only response to poor eyesight is going to the eye doctor and bu...

The perfect breakfast


Have you ever asked if the breakfast you take contains all the nutrients your body needs in order to start the morning with energy? Or maybe you are someone who just take a glass of milk or yogurt because you are late to work or college.

How to reduce scarring


Thanks to nature and its healing power, we can find various plants and oils to help mitigate and effectively conceal that scar we do not like and want to hide anyway.

Combat insomnia naturally


Insomnia has now become a common sleep disorder. Not only adults suffer, but now young people are affected as well. This is because the problems of modern society, where competition is stronger and requires getting a job early, while to choosing a ca...

Fresh and energizing salads

Recipes & Cooking

If you are a person that includes a salad every day to your daily diet, this article will be helpful, because it has the recipe of three healthy, nutritious and refreshing salads, made of vegetables like tomatoes, avocado and the artichoke.

Children who bite their nails

Pregnancy & Parenting

Do you want to know what to do to make your child leaves the habit of nail biting?, Are you all the time behind to scold him or her?, With these attitudes you will only strengthen your child's obsession and lengthen the habit, which may accompany him...


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Displaying 691 to 720 (of 2646 articles) «...21222324 25...»

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