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Lettuce, excellent vegetable


Lettuce is one of the amazing green leafy vegetables, full of essential nutrients that benefit health in general. In fact, it is one of the most used, either for its crunchy sensation, or its use for ...
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Get rid of acne and pimples with natural remedies

Facial Care

Acne is a cosmetic problem that can affect us in different periods of our lives, even though it is not severe, it can leave permanent marks on our skin, and lower the self-esteem of the sufferer. Fortunately, there are several ways in which we can fi...
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Criticism, useless talk and the power of your Word

Personal Development

“She looks pretty bad", "Did you see that skinny legs?", "Note that the neighbor the other day..." What if all that energy we spend on criticizing we would use it to create what we want?
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Delicious recipes to keep Cholesterol away

Recipes & Cooking

Fish is an ingredient that we can use to prepare our food because its omega-3 fatty acids are very healthy, natural anti-inflammatory, and they are part of the "good" cholesterol, so if you suffer from high cholesterol, include it in your diet.
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Work out and lose weight!

Burn Fat

Exercise burns calories and increases metabolism of the body for 24 to 48 hours. The important thing is to find a sport that you like and go according to your lifestyle, and do it regularly.
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Do not get sick with the flu. Strengthen your immunity by eating


Are you wrapping yourself to avoid off colds and flu? It is a good idea. But few people know that the best way to fight flu, is feeding the immune system with vitamins and minerals that you need. And it’s better to do this sooner to avoid illness.
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Get a beautiful face with home treatments


Having time for yourself can be difficult sometimes. Work, kids, home, just add more stress to our lives. After returning to work, go to a beauty salon seems a daunting task. Now, you don’t need not spend a fortune on facial packages.
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Juices to improve your Hair

Hair Care

Does your hair fall frequently? Is it poor, dry and mistreated? Do you think you could lose your beautiful hair? No matter whether you are male or female or how old you are, hair loss can affect young adults and both men and women.
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Adventure sports

Sports nutrition

If you think extreme sports are just for young and intrepid people, you should know that there are some options that do not involve many risks, and you don’t need to be a top athlete to practice them. And best of all, it is something you can enjoy ...
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Balance Yin and Yang with your food

Macrobiotic Food

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), health is a state of equilibrium, which is influenced by the choice of food. It is good to know that nutritional balance from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is very different fro...
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Light desserts

Fruit recipes

Desserts can be a nightmare, if we are in the middle of a diet to lose weight, or if we're trying to maintain it, when we finish our lunch, for example, and we have the desire for something sweet. However, a dessert does not have to be full of calori...
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Nutrition tips to gain Muscle

Sports nutrition

Are you doing exercise but do not get muscle? There are some dietary considerations that are good to know. Traditionally, when you wanted to gain muscle weight or volume, carbohydrates were the smartest strategy to achieve that goal.
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Bullying: combat abuse and violence in your children (anti-bullying tips)

Pregnancy & Parenting

If you have ever suffered from bullying, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating is to be being molested and abused by classmates. In schools, it seems that now is more common for some students bother other children. What is causing that kids dist...
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Thalassotherapy, enjoy the healing properties of the sea

Alternative Therapies

Thalassotherapy is a rediscovered spa treatment based on an ancient belief in the healing properties of seawater. The word appeared in France from the Greek "Thalassa", that means sea and "therapeia" meaning healing.
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Recipes for Soups

Recipes & Cooking

The climate is cold and you start to feel like eating warm food? To warm up, nothing is better than a freshly made soup, and you can use many delicious ingredients in its preparation, soups are also very easy to make.
Damiana, Leaves  (Turnera aphrodisiaca) - 40 g

Damiana, Leaves (Turnera aphrodisiaca) - 40 g

Other common names: Damiana, damiane, oreganillo, the bourrique, Mexican damiana, Mexican holly. Ho...

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Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus L.) - 40 g

Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus L.) - 40 g

Traditional use: for the symptomatic relief of mild gastrointestinal dyspepsia and spasmodic affecti...

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