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Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Breakfast

Recipes & Cooking

Several studies have shown that breakfast contributes to improved performance during the day, to keep glucose levels stable, control hunger and anxiety, and even better digestion.

Learn to treat muscle contractions naturally

Alternative Therapies

Poor posture, pressure and stress can provoke contractions, discomfort that has become very common nowadays. However muscle contractions can be healed naturally.

Heliotherapy: Heal with the energy of the Sun

Alternative Therapies

The sun is present every day of our lives, and this has been since our inception. Many cultures have worshiped it, and have agreed to consider the sun as a god. However, today, due to environmental pollution, the sun has begun to pose a health hazard...

Natural Remedies for Fungal Infections in the Skin


Fungal infections include candidiasis, urinary tract infections, and even the skin known as athlete foot, fungus in hands, to name a few. Even if for most people are harmless, they may become fatal to persons whose immune system is weak, particularly...

3 Healthy Mexican Recipes

Kitchen of the World

Mexican cuisine has variety of dishes that can be very healthy. Made with seafood, grilled lean meats, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits, herbs and spices, with unique flavor that also comes equipped with health claims.

Routine of Exercises to Increase your Buttocks

Training and Exercises

Firm buttocks are considered an attraction for many men and women. A sedentary lifestyle besides generating loss of muscle tone, increases the size of our belly, so you can have flabby buttocks without volume. However, with proper exercise, we can d...

When work becomes an addiction

Personal Development

The work can be considered an obligation, and even many people can see it as monotonous and even tedious, the truth is that the job requires responsibility and effort. It is also an important place in our life, which develops part of our social life...

Pomegranate: An exotic and nutritious fruit


Pomegranate is considered a symbol of beauty, and that is why, although it appearance strikes us, we forget its nutritional properties. There are many hidden benefits behind this refreshing fruit.

Food: Do you use it as a way to hide from your emotions?

Emotional Intelligence

When we have a problem or difficulty, everyone has a friend, a treasure, a food that gives us peace, calm, and helps us feel better to adversity or a state of anxiety. Initially, a dose is more than enough.

Tips to sculpt strong and muscular arms


Summer is just around the corner, and it is likely that our garments are sleeveless, strapless, or with necklines to beat the heat of the season, but the limp arms can prevent us from enjoying these garments.

5 Juices to combat indigestion

Food Therapy

The feeling of heaviness, abdominal pain, distension, usually is present when we have large meals rich in fat. Some people may feel indigestible to the consumption of foods such as milk and vegetables.

9 Natural Remedies to combat Constipation


Constipation is a condition in which bowel movements are difficult and pass through the digestive tract with discomfort, difficulty or pain. This is a symptom rather than a disease, is defined as the decrease in the frequency of bowel movements accom...

Dietary advice to achieve a flat stomach


Discipline and patience are two of the tools you need to get a flat stomach. There are no shortcuts, no miracle products, just hard work and dedication, but if you are willing to make changes of habit, you can get the flat stomach you have always des...

How to Fight Wrinkles


Wrinkles often betray our age, and it is true that everyone wish to avoid their occurrence. Hygiene and proper nutrition principles are the foundation assets of youthful skin. Depending on our age, there are certain products and strategies that are r...

When internet usage eats into your sleeping hours


It is likely that many of us, regardless of age or gender, are sharing the same habit and this is, surfing the Internet before going to sleep. The reasons may be varied, while some people use it to play, others take advantage of this time to get into...


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Displaying 361 to 390 (of 2645 articles) «...111213 1415...»

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