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7 Tips for Thin Hair, Weak or Fine

Hair Care

If your hair looks no longer like before, thick and rich do not need to panic, there are some precautions that can help reverse the damage and prevent these problems continue gaining ground.

Medicinal plants that should be avoided during Pregnancy and Lactation

Pregnancy & Parenting

Despite being natural, there are some plants that are not suitable for the stage of pregnancy and lactation and there are even some that can have a similar effect to drugs, which affects fetal development. Many of the active substances found in plant...

4 Dragon Fruit Recipes: Mousse, Ceviche and more

Fruit recipes

The pitaya is characteristic of Mexico and is the fruit of several species of cactus, are brightly colored and are prized taste, plus several recently discovered health-giving properties.

Blue fish and its importance in the diet


Blue fishes are defined to the variety of fish that besides having a bluish hue in the outer shell are rich in fatty acids, which are also known as oily fish. While consuming fat may seem unhealthy, in the case of blue fish consuming it is quite desi...

Natural options to supplement your diet


To get a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is not always necessary to consume pills or powders to supplement our diet, since there are natural supplements that can help us to perfectly meet our needs for these nutrients.

Delicious Recipes with Annatto

Recipes & Cooking

Annatto is a well-known plant species and cultivated in America mainly in Mexico, is generally used as a seasoning and coloring in the kitchen, but in addition to these culinary contributions annatto has great health benefits.

Solutions for achieving restful sleep


A sleepless night is an experience that can lead to moments of very large anguish and frustration, sleep problems are very common especially when we go through stressful situations or mishandling of our schedules.

How to avoid interrupting your diet: The 4 most common errors

Lose weight

Eating a balanced way can be a difficult task especially when there are thousands of ways to turn a light meal into a combo filled with calories. How many times have we believed that we are eating a healthy snack or dish when it comes to the opposite...

4 meals to have a great tan


Tanned skin is synonymous with healthy skin, but get it is really something that can affect our skin if we do not care the way we do it, the sun's rays can cause serious effects on our skin with aging and damage.

Benefit yourself with Black Sesame nutrients today


These small seeds may seem rather an element to decorate our meals and give an attractive appearance, but do not be fooled by their size as they really are an excellent source of minerals like iron, calcium, in addition to fatty acids and proteins.

Is a bad mood an illness?

Emotional Intelligence

We all feel sometimes low moody and apathetic, there are many reasons that can trigger this feeling either because we had to wait a long time in a row, we have financial problems, we have been stuck in traffic, etc.. The everyday life situations have...

4 Varied and delicious Recipes with Chia

Recipes & Cooking

Excellent source of antioxidants, protein and omega 3 fatty acids, chia seeds are a dietary supplement for anyone. The most famous is consuming them into lemonade, but that's just the tip of the iceberg as there are many good recipes with this ancien...

Say goodbye to Reflux


After a spicy meal or after eating irritating foods, we can feel heartburn and feeling that food is coming back, if this happened to you once, you presented this reflux, a condition that affects a large part of the population . Learn about the condi...

Can we inherit Diabetes?


Diabetes is currently known as a problem commonly inherited, saying this we mean that what is inherited is a predisposition that can make each individual develop the disease.

Original recipes with Pumpkin Blossoms

Recipes with vegetables

Today I have for you the pumpkin blossom which is native to America, especially from Mexico and is known since pre-Hispanic times. This delightful flower must be collected before it starts to grow the fruit (pumpkin) and should be cooked as soon as p...


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