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Foot Massage: Relax and stay healthy while you indulge yourself


Do you work standing over eight hours? Does your foot or ankle hurt at the end of the day? You probably do not know that the feet are kept a large percentage of body tension. The feet are one of the b...

Spend your holiday season stress-free!

Stress and Anxiety

With Christmas stress is a constant, even though the holidays, cooking dinner, having all the gifts for the children, meetings and plans for New Year and in some cases, work to who do not enjoy holida...

The bath, the perfect time to indulge yourself


Through the centuries, many cultures have tended baths to cleanse and purify the body and spirit. The ritual bath was an important part of Roman, Greek, Middle Eastern and Japanese cultures, and peopl...

Intuitive Dance to encourage self-expression

Personal Development

One objective of bioenergetics is to promote individual self-expression, enhancing the ability to communicate, transmit and move with spontaneity, grace and awareness. The body is a place where energy...



To sleep, Syrup to relax and to induce sleep - 250 ml

To sleep, Syrup to relax and to induce sleep This Pinisanito To sleep! has been specially formulate...

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NEUROSAN PLUS To Relax - 30 Capsules

The plants used in the composition of NEUROSAN PLUS (passionflower, valerian and California poppy)...

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 articles) 1 

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