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Cellular regeneration with stem cells and other natural alternatives


The skin can look young, healthy and radiant for many years. The key is to have an effective cellular regeneration. How? Here are the secrets of youthful skin so you can start from today to apply and ...

Top-tea: 4 star teas for health and beauty


The red, green and white tea, and melissa tea, this time have the honor of being the highest positions among the most used teas for health and beauty. Why? Here we give you the benefits and virtues of...

Diet of purification and rejuvenation in eleven days


There are many diets that work today because they provide the body with less food and better quality, and all diets increase the intake of fresh foods like vegetables and fruits, as well as the consum...



Burdock peeling - 10 ml

Vegetal Burdock peeling apt for all the skins - Prepared destined to desescamar the most external l...

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Syrup sap - Madal Bal - 500 ml

Syrup of sap is made up of palm and maple sap. The palm and maple sap comes from the vast forests of...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 articles) 1 

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