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Wholemeal cookies recipes

Do you like crackers and cookies? Well, here you will find super easy recipes to make, these crackers and cookies are good for tea time, as dessert or complement to dinner or breakfast, ideal for chil...

Healthy recipes for Cheese

Not all cheeses have benefits in the body. In general, most industrial cheeses (those sold in department stores), contain much salt, bad fats and chemical additives and harmful bacteria that make them...

Diet recipes with endive

Endive is a vegetable with sweet and crunchy taste, you can prepare low-calorie dishes because it is composed mainly of water, although it has nutrients such as vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B6, and to a les...

Dessert Recipes with Tapioca

Manioc (cassava) flour is a kind of plant with which we prepare all kinds of dishes like soups, biscuits, breads, etc.. It is a very nutritious food and also contains no gluten, so gluten intolerant (...

Vinaigrette Recipes

The dressings are excellent companions, but not only in salad but in steamed vegetables, seafood, meats and more. They have the advantage of being easy to prepare and are good friends to dress with a ...

Recipes to prepare Vegetable Milks

They are called "milk" not only because replace cow's milk of animal origin, but that far is gone because they are much more healthy and nutritious, perfect for maintaining the overall beauty of the b...

Healthy Lunch Recipes for Kids

Do not forget the imagination when you prepare your kid’s lunch. Creating different types of lunch, which are also very nutritious and palatable for small, can be very simple if you consider some in...

Recipes with Cream

The cream comes from milk and has a high energy value. It is valued for its special flavor and its versatility in the kitchen preparing dishes, from desserts to soups and stews. We should try not to a...

Recipes for preparing Mousse

The mouse is a kind of foam or mousse made with egg whites, cream or grenetina, which can be added various ingredients, either salty or sweet. The mousse is a food that can be very nutritious if you c...

Recipes for the Summer Noodles

The pasta is a very nutritious food and energy, if properly combined with certain vegetables and ingredients it can become a complete food and very healthy. In summer, the noodles are very useful beca...

Desserts Recipes for Diabetics

The sugar consumption is something that worries people with diabetes, because their health depends on the level of glucose that could shoot and put their health at risk if the diet is not taken due ca...

Antioxidant Juices Recipes

Antioxidants retard the aging process, fight the degeneration and destruction of cells caused by free radicals and prevent diseases of all kinds. Our body is unable to counteract the degenerative acti...

Gelatin with Medicinal Herbs

How about a jelly dessert made with chamomile and rose for this summer? If you thought the herbs were not much fun, there are more than one way for you to consume and enjoy, in addition to their many ...

Prepare nutritious recipes for marzipan

Amaranth, sesame, almonds, pistachios and peanuts are just a few ingredients that can be used to prepare marzipan, which is more than a cake or a delicious dessert as it is a food that can be very nut...

Mint Recipes

Aroma of fresh, strong, sweet; mint is a stimulant herb with purifying virtues, very versatile, and of which there are many varieties. In the kitchen is often used to dress vegetables such as beans, c...



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