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Recipes with vegetables

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Garlic Recipes

Garlic has a very good reputation both for health and for use as a main ingredient of many dishes, especially in the Mediterranean where it is used in soups, stews, salads, fish, etc.

Pickle Recipes

The pickles are the result of lactic acid fermentation of vegetables. Fermentation is the transformation of an organic substance (fruit, vegetables, cereals, pulses, milk, fish, meat) under the action...

Turkey with broccoli Wok and Stuffed Peaches

Stuffed peaches Ingredients: 1 Bottle of 1K of peaches in syrup (no sugar added) 2 cans of tuna 1 Bottle of mayonnaise Ornament Sucedan caviar Preparation: Drain peaches. Mix the tuna with may...



Organic baby meal VEGETABLES - Aliment Vegetal - 400 g

Thanks to the quality of its organic ingredients and balanced formula provides significantly micronu...

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Displaying 61 to 63 (of 63 articles) «123 

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