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Recipes with vegetables

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Spinach recipes

When you were a child, surely your mother told you that spinach was good for you. Spinach has two times more fiber than other vegetables. So when you want a salad to fill your stomach, choose spinach....

Vegetable Recipes

Are you tired of preparing the same salad recipes? Many times people say that they dislike vegetables because they're bored, but this does not mean they are not delicious, simply, we need to experienc...

Rich and nutritious cooking ideas

How many times have we asked the same question: What do I cook now? The vast list of recipes and weekly menus become repetitions and unoriginal. To help break the routine I present two new recipes, ri...

Vegetarian Christmas Delights

Many people seek a different and greatest Christmas each year, and dinner is one of those moments where we can give a special and unique touch to this celebration. Although each country has its tradit...

Recipes with Green Beans

Do you want something to be on fit, healthy and very tasty? How about a stew with green beans? Green beans contain very few calories, are rich in potassium, vitamin C and A, with large supply of antio...

Cooking Asparagus: Healthy and easy recipes

Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) is a plant from the Mediterranean, was part of the food of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Besides having a distinctive taste and being used in various dishes, aspa...

Cabbage recipes

This slightly spicy vegetable of very peculiar consistency, helps to reduce stress, is rich in sulfur, essential for skin and joints, helps fight chest infections and is a potent antibacterial. It is ...

Watercress Recipes

Watercress is a plant that grows fast along ditches, streams, canals, fountains and permanently flooded land. Its stems and leaves are edible and are used to make various dishes from salads to soups a...

Lamb's lettuce Recipes

Lamb’s lettuces are small plants with many nutritional properties among which its digestive properties reinforce the vision and night vision as well as nails and hair, relax the nervous system and c...

Recipes with potatoes for losing weight

Potatoes are one of the most nutritious foods, they belong to the family of the tubers and there are many varieties in the world. This nutritious vegetable has a bad reputation because people think it...

Eggplant Recipes

Eggplant is a vegetable that is appreciated for its dietary properties; it contains a large amount of water and adequate levels of potassium. It is a vegetable with many nutritional qualities and is e...

Bell Pepper Recipes

The bell pepper is a vegetable with very effective properties and nutrients; it provides the body with a heavy dose of silicon and fluorine, which is very important for nail, hair and skin, and regula...

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

The spring rolls are popular, easy, tasty and nutritious. They can be produced in various shapes and filled with various ingredients, are practical, to take the lunch or a picnic, or to accompany soup...

Cucumber Recipes

Cucumber is a vegetable with interesting nutritional properties, has a modest concentration of vitamin C (10% of the daily recommendation), contains no fat or cholesterol, and contains important phyto...

Authentic Mexican Vegetarian Taco recipes

Tacos are a Mexican food based in tortilla, are very easy to make, rich and with the advantage that can be filled with almost every dish. On this occasion, I share five ways to make tacos with vegetab...



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Displaying 31 to 60 (of 63 articles) «12 3»

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