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Recipes with vegetables

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Healthy recipes with Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is a tuber with many great health benefits. It is a vegetable that is widely available in many countries of the world, besides being economical and, of course, delicious.

Recipes for Leguminous Soups or Broths

Pulses, or legumes, are delicious fleshy vegetable seeds we obtain from the Fabacea family and they can be found widely around the world as part of many well-loved recipes.

Easy and Delicious Stuffed Vegetable Recipes

I have already had the opportunity to write recipes and recommendations about vegetables which are delicious when stuffed. Stuffed vegetables are a fun option to present to those who do not hold these...

Eggplant, from Appetizer to Dessert

Only recently have eggplants become part of my diet. I’ve always known of them, but it wasn’t until I became an adult that I had relatively easy access to this beautiful vegetable. I can say tha...

How to Make Canned Goods at Home

The words canned goods are generally used to refer to foods that have undergone some sort of preservation method (be it a brine, vinegar marinade, fermentation, etc.), that are stored in jars (or cans...

Recipes with Purple Onions

The color of its skin indicates that certain pigments are present, known as anthocyanins, which are excellent antioxidants. Purple onions also have a sweeter and slightly lighter than white onions, w...

3 Simple Recipes with Fennel

After buying a handful of fresh fennel, I dedicated myself to preparing several different dishes with this vegetable, which were great for anything from breakfast to dinner. Rarely have I had the opp...

Common Purslane as a Nourishing Plant

100 grams of purslane contain just 20 calories along with vitamin A (up to 26% of our daily requirement of it), vitamin C (35% of our daily requirement), which keeps the immune system healthy. Two ot...

Cucumber Recipes: a refreshing alternative for all hours

Cucumbers are refreshing during a hot summer day because a large majority of its content is made up of water and electrolytes (salts, 147 grams of potassium in 100 grams), they’re low-calorie (just ...

Two recipes with Peppers that you can’t pass up

The meals around today have inspired in me a sweet idea. I want to talk about a vegetable that I have always thought was delicious no matter how it was cooked. With its bright and different colors, ...

Recipes with Capers: Delicious Mediterranean Flowers

A lot of times we end up using a wide array of different ingredients without taking a minute to think about the story behind them: where do they come from? What does the complete vegetable or animal ...

Two Garlic recipes for the kitchen

Garlic is used not only to ward off imaginary vampires and suitors, or as historical reference to Egyptian meals, but it is also a delicious condiment for breads, pasta, meat, and a long list of etcet...

Learn to combine beans with 2 simple recipes

Beans, like all other legume seeds, are shaped like kidneys, and grow in pods. They have a hard and thick covering that is generally removed before eating. And for a cultural tidbit from my land, be...

Bring Zucchini to your table with these 3 Recipes

Zucchini’s hold a special place in our vegetable dishes in Mexican cuisine. They are not only highly valued produce, but so is their previous state before converting into zucchini, their flowers, w...

Peas: a green companion in the kitchen

But did you know that just 100 grams of peas contain up to 5.4 grams of protein, 27 mg of calcium, 271 mg of potassium, or 30 mg of magnesium?



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