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How to prepare vegan substitutes for your diet (cheese, mayonnaise)

Food is delicious and of course necessary, but it is important to balance our diet in order to ensure we are eating all the necessary elements. However, either due to a lifestyle choice or restriction...

Vegetarian Tamales made easy

Diets are widely varied and it is fun getting to know various recipes and dishes to try. Alternatives are created within our own culture to honour certain ideals or because there is a physiological ne...

Japanese-inspired recipes ideal for varying your diet

In the last few days I have been searching for recipes that advocate for simplicity in their preparation and only require a small amount of ingredients. After some thought, it became apparent that the...

Delicious and Simple Vegan Desserts

Sometimes dietary choices are made out of physiological need (either to lose weight, to control high cholesterol levels, etc.). Other times, choices are made to defend some sort of dietary ideology (d...

Recipes with Tomatillos or Mexican Husk Tomatoes

In Mexico, whenever you go to the market and ask for tomatoes, it’s quite likely that the vendor will ask you “green or red?” They don’t ask because they want to sell you unripe versions of t...

Pesto with Different Variations in 4 Delicious Recipes

Pesto has its roots in Northern Italy. It is claimed to be invented in Genoa, although similar sauces can be found in the Italian Peninsula dating back to the Roman Empire.

Two Light Sushi Recipes

Sushi can be a perfect light snack, or a special occasion for a dinner with company. The sushi we eat today, like so many other recipes, does not have very much in common with the original dish. Eac...

2 Light Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna is a classic in Italic cooking, and everybody loves it. No one dares resist its plentiful pasta layers, tomato sauce, white sauce, cheese, and at times, a special filling, like mushrooms or m...

Light Recipes to start the New Year with

The beginning of every year restarts our clock, and our opportunity to establish new goals in our lifestyle. And a lot of people need to get out of debt accrued from the numerous, albeit delicious, C...

Sweet and Savory recipes with peanuts

Peanuts come from South America. The edible varieties of this incredible legume were probably domesticated in Brazil and the Portuguese were the first habitants of the Old World to discover their exi...

How to Cook Salmon irresistible

Omega-3 oils are not present in sufficient amounts in all fish, due to the fact that they obtain these fats directly or indirectly from oceanic phytoplankton, which is why freshwater fish do not have ...

Pistachios to transform your kitchen

They are rich in vitamin B6, which helps us produce energy, and good functioning of the central nervous system. They provide iron for maintain our immune system, and can provide complete proteins in ...

Indian Cooking Recipes to renovate your kitchen

There is no better way to visit a new place than through the palate, a spoonful of a dish can tell us much of a landscape and the people who inhabit it. History, religion and resources of a country ar...

3 Recipes with Ginger: A root with properties

Throughout the time, Ginger has two main uses, medicinal root and seasoning in cooking. There is no magical property which makes it one of the favorite plants for humanity, it has gained through the c...

Traditional Mexican Baking

The bakery occupies an important place in our diet, each country creates and reinvents their classic bakery, in Mexico there is a long tradition of bread that are classics of Mexican cuisine. The resu...

Willow Herb (Epilobium parviflorum) - 50 g

Willow Herb (Epilobium parviflorum) - 50 g

Tradiotional Use: The Willow Herb is a medicinal plant that has been traditionally used for prostate...

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Collagen with Magnesium - Ana María Lajusticia - 180 Tablets

Collagen with Magnesium - Ana María Lajusticia - 180 Tablets

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, being the essential constituent of cartilag...

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