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Peas: a green companion in the kitchen

Recipes with vegetables

But did you know that just 100 grams of peas contain up to 5.4 grams of protein, 27 mg of calcium, 271 mg of potassium, or 30 mg of magnesium?

Indian nuts or Cashew: Powerful and popular fat-burning


The India nut seed has now become a great ally to lose weight and burn fat quickly. Its benefits have been advertised from television to the Internet and its sales have skyrocketed in almost every hou...

Amaranth, a great Calcium source


Did you know that the amaranth, grain amaranth also known as Inca, not only rich in protein, but now has to take from the milk, first as the food containing the highest percentage of calcium. Accordin...

Pain in the period: Foods that help you avoid


There are times when a woman looks like a severe torment, we went through a difficult stage in which pain and evil mood are the main protagonists. We refer to the rule, a period where there is a hormo...

The myth of the Banana and Fatness


How often have we heard that eating bananas makes us fat and if we are on a diet to lose weight, it is better not to include it in the list. There are many people who say this, but the truth is that t...

The minerals that an athlete needs


We have seen that through perspiration, the body removes not only water, but sweat is also accompanied by mineral salts. Moreover, increased physical activity needs certain minerals. In addition, most...

Recipes high in potassium

Recipes & Cooking

After the calcium and phosphorus, potassium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. It is important to include enough potassium in the diet as it helps maintain normal pressure inside and outs...

Salt, Potassium and blood pressure control


Salt is the popular name used to refer to sodium chloride (NaCl). Salt is essential to life and to enjoy good health. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a risk factor for cardiovascular disorders ...



Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus L.) - 40 g

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FAT BURNERS 500 L-Carnitine - 40 Tablets

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