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What your eyes and gaze say about you

Keeping eyes healthy and beautiful is the conclusion of a number of elements not only physical but mental and spiritual. We know that the eyes of the people largely dictates the personality of that pe...

Phosphene mixture: Natural development of memory, intelligence and creativity

The technique of phosphene mixture is a method based on deep studies and of the extraordinary discovery Doctor Lefebure, the doctor who examined in detail dynamic action of light on all the brain func...

New sensitivity to a new year

Something that should be in our intentions for this new year is to increase the power sensitivity in ourselves, because if we really want to renovate and a wider change and new experiences and acquire...

A desire, a longing for a miracle

Wishing requests at this time is tradition in many cultures of the world. But if not this time, every time of year is always an opportunity to close your eyes and dream, plan, believe ... more How man...

Manifesto for Life, Peace and Equality

Every day 35,000 children die of hunger as FAO explained. It is genocide with stunning proportions, which is attended idly. At the same time it is estimated that the daily expenditure on armaments is ...

Coach: means trainer

Thanks to the emotional therapy that uses tools such as flower and gem essences, organic noni juice, reiki, metamorphic massage, Ayurvedic massage, etc... the person is allowed to access gently to thi...

Negative thoughts make you sick

Any negativity of the mind is a message to our physical body, any refusal makes our body stores it, if your complete being: Spirit, Mind and the physical body, is not in positive harmony, the body get...

Do you smoke? Cheer up and gain health!

Today, only in Catalonia, there are an estimated more than 250,000 fewer smokers than in the past 4 years, according to the report submitted by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Detachment, pain, patience

- Teacher, what must I do to avoid being annoyed?... Some people talk too much, others are ignorant. Some are indifferent. I feel hatred for those who are liars and grieve with those who are slander. ...

Gifts to grow

Our experience tells us that many of the disorders that we suffer can be prevented. Indeed, much of the uneasiness and dissatisfaction that we all experience daily in our lives and do not allow us to ...

Frequently asked questions about naturism

It's a difficult question to answer, since each person experiences it differently. However, for reference, we can provide the definition of the FNI.

Reiki.. What is it, how acts and its Benefits

REIKI is an ancient technique of harmonization, which was re-discovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui (Christian monk), in the nineteenth century. Giving Reiki, then, means making a transfer or channelin...



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Displaying 91 to 102 (of 102 articles) «1234 

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