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Care and clean your kidneys naturally


Did you know that every day your kidneys purify 200 liters of blood of which about 2 liters becomes waste and excess water? The function of this organ often is unnoticed by us, and we don’t give the...

Healing Recipes with Parsley (kidney, skin, hair, etc.)

Food Therapy

Parsley is a vegetable with a lot of healing benefits, its nutritional components have a high percentage of vitamin C making it an excellent antioxidant and preventative against infections as well as ...

Infusions with herbs to cure kidney


To heal and strengthen the kidneys, there is nothing better than a real cure through plants. Herbs offer not only a temporary healing, but help the body to stimulate its own healing ability, helping o...

Herbs and spices: how to use them wisely in the kitchen


Herbs and spices are a great little "touch" that makes all the difference in the taste of a dish. Knowing how to use them wisely to make a stew, a soup, sauce and even a dessert transports palate to s...

Recipes with Parsley

Recipes & Cooking

Besides being a popular seasoning in many dishes such as sauces, soups, stews and even fresh water, this aromatic plant has many consequences for health benefits is a powerful antioxidant, beta carote...



Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizes - 250 ml

The sweet almond oil moisturizes, regenerates, repairs and protects the skin.It has the ability to r...

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Organic Muesli with fruits

The Muesli is the result of the mixture of several cereals, nuts, dried fruits and dehydrated, and s...

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