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Protective Diet for the Pancreas


The pancreas is an organ that takes part in digestion and metabolism. It produces digestive enzyme that help neutralize stomach acid and enzymes that help absorb certain nutrients. Another primary f...

Pancreas, Concern and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, the energy (Chi) flows through the body and passes through the organs related to balance, harmony and health of the body in general. When energy is not flowing adequat...

Take Care of Your Pancreas


Behind the stomach, located on the left side of the body, we have a gland which is responsible for producing certain digestive juices, in addition to insulin, an important hormone that regulates the s...

Produce Insulin naturally


The word insulin comes from the Latin insula, which means "island". This is a hormone secreted by the pancreas which is involved in the metabolic process of absorption of nutrients, especially of carb...

Juice-Therapy to strengthen Pancreas

Food Therapy

The pancreas is a gland behind the stomach which is responsible for producing certain fluids and pancreatic juices whose function is to help digest food. It also produces insulin, which is a hormone t...



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