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Prepare delicious Crepes (pancakes)

Recipes & Cooking

The crepes, or just pancakes, are known around the world, like pizza and cake, as turns out to be a very versatile food to suit all tastes, they may be filled with all kinds of stews. What sets the cr...

Entertaining cooking with Pickles

Kitchen of the World

If you are looking for new ways of cooking and inventing dishes that, in addition to nourish, give a different flavor and a decorative food, pickles are an excellent choice.



Bio corn pancakes - 120 g

Properties of maize:• High in carbohydrates easily digestible.• It has diuretic properties...

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Pancakes Rice and Rye BIO - 100 g

Whole grains like brown rice, wheat, oats and rye grain not only taste delicious but are also very b...

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 articles) 1 

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