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Organic Agriculture will not have GMOs in Catalonia

The Catalan government has responded to the claim of the Consell Català de l'farming (CCPA) and the organic sector in general and has corrected its position on GMOs. Thus, Catalan organic agriculture...

Against Chinese imports of transgenic rice

Friends of the Earth in Spain joins calls for an immediate ban on rice imports from China following the discovery by several environmental groups about some foods on sale in Europe that are contaminat...

Organic Agriculture Contract creates jobs in Turkey

The Municipality of Istanbul and the bread factory IHE of its property, also in Istanbul, have developed a project to improve the supply of organic grains. Until now, there was no sufficient amount of...


The town of Loja in Granada will have the first center dedicated to the collection and marketing of vegetable seed grown under organic production methods. This is reflected in the agreement signed by ...

Organic food production in Spain today

In all of Spain, and in particular Catalonia, the cultivation, production, processing, marketing and consumption of organic food products is increasing. It is a slow but steady growth, which has been ...

CCPAE defends GMO-free in certifying an organic product

The CCPAE is struggling for a long time so that organic agriculture does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), while the Catalan administration is trying to impose a limit of tolerance up...

A manual on organic growing of the vine is published

It addresses all phases beginning with soil preparation, planting, fertilization and fertile green vines, pruning, and also including the regulation of pests and diseases. It has been published by the...

Protecting the Global Crop Diversity

On an island near the North Pole, the heads of state of five Nordic countries and the Global Crop Diversity established the cornerstone for a "foolproof" seed vault to be carved into an Arctic mountai...

Boosting products in Doñana

The Bureau of Agriculture sector met yesterday in CIECEMA (International Center for Research and Ecological and Environmental Conventions) of Almonte, continuing with the process of developing the 2nd...

The EU will decide on ecolabelling in fisheries

EU Parliament will decide the eco-labelling of fish products in September. It will vote on a report that has opted for this label and has already been adopted by the Committee on Fisheries.

Shade grown coffee and biodiversity

Meeting contributions to biodiversity conservation which is the cultivation of coffee under shade. The supportive role of this crop in conservation and habitat for a large number of species. The posit...

Environment promotes products and services of the Nature Brand

The Ministry of Environment has launched a campaign to promote the tourism industry and for products adhering to the Natural Andalusian Park Brand, which aims to disseminate and publicize the business...

Aid for the promotion of women in rural areas

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food today announced at the Congress, which this year will be awarded for the first time, through a call for grant aid for the promotion of rural women.

The organic market is facing significant challenges in Germany

During a conference on German organic market, organized by the German Central Market and Price (ZMP), they have analyzed the prospects offered by this sector to organic farmers in Germany.

Minister advocates a label for organic products from EU

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Elena Espinosa has said that the new proposed regulations regarding the production and label of organic products have a positive focus on the definition of ...

Displaying 181 to 210 (of 231 articles) «...67 8»

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