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Organic baby meal - KOKOH -


From 4-5 months

Instantaneous Papille BIOCREMIENTO

Recommended by the initiator of the “Macrobiótica”, the Japanese Jorge Oshawa, for totally complete the infantile feeding and like papilla. It contains a proportion of seaweed that improves the assimilation of the nutrients and contributes iodine, oligoelementos and the mineralesórgánicos that are to him own.

Ingredients: Integral rice, oats, barley, maize, integral rye, integral wheat, azukis (2%), alga kombu (1%) sésamo integral and soybean.

Net Weight: 400 g.

Origin: Spain

Ecological Aval: CCPAE

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Additional information on Organic baby meal - KOKOH -

Instant does not need cooking. Pour the liquid of your choice in the bottle or container, add BIOCRECIMIENTO slurry mixing, until the desired creaminess, eventually using a beater. They can also simply disperse the slurry into the liquid surface, wait 5 minutes to be absorbed and then mix.

Indicative dose
Bottle: 2 to 4 tablespoons rasas (20g) with 200cc of liquid.
Creamy porridge: 6 to 8 tablespoons (30g-40g) with 200cc of liquid. We recommend combining BIOCRECIMIENTO with vegetable broths with fresh vegetable smoothies or fruit, milk or soy milk from organic cultivation, fruit smoothies or sauces to thicken soups, etc.


"The men of knowledge in the Middle perceived in nature, transcending all material phenomenon or manifestation, the action of two complementary and antagonistic as two sides of a coin, women and men, cold and heat, centrifugal force and centripetal force (gravity), and were called yin and yang.

"Looking at this event in their lives saw their well-being and health lay in living near this equilibrium. Food could also be classified as more yin or more yang to its origin, its form, its ingredients, method of preparation. Cereals and rice in particular, were the food "yin" closer to this balance, and legumes, especially soy, food "yang" closer to the center.

-It, for example in Japan, where traditional food wisdom for thousands of years protected the population, appeared many diseases once virtually unknown fashion directly related to the West imposed after the Second World War.

"The vision of a world order inspired philosophers and scientists, and also to humble people in their daily business, as we inspired some organic ingredients combining the oriental traditional way to prepare the slurry Biocrecimiento of" Kokoh "with some specific ingredients as azukis and seaweed kombu, minerals and iodine-rich sea.

Nutritional Information

U 100 g% RDA * (100g)
Calories 347 kcal

1458 kJ
Total Fat 6.2 g
Protein 10.5 g
Metabolizable carbohydrates 62.8 g
Carbohydrates 6.2 g fiber
0 mg cholesterol
36.3 mg sodium
358.1 mg potassium
101.7 mg Calcium 25
Phosphorus 349.4 mg
Magnesium 168 mg
Iron 3.8 mg 64
Fluoride 0.1 mg
Vitamin A ug 9.9 2
Vitamin E mg 2
0.5 mg vitamin B1 95
Vitamin B2 0.1 mg 17
4.4 mg Vitamin B3
0.6 mg Vitamin B6
Vitamin C 0 mg 0
165 236 mcg Iodine
Zinc 47 mg 1865
Copper 256 mg 64
1410 mg Manganese
Chrome ug 4
Mcg Selenium 128 1281
* Benchmark "RDA"

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