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Vegetarian Tamales made easy

Kitchen of the World

Diets are widely varied and it is fun getting to know various recipes and dishes to try. Alternatives are created within our own culture to honour certain ideals or because there is a physiological ne...

Mushrooms: For cholesterol, cancer and taking care of your weight


As we know, there are foods that are more healthy than others because their consumption brings benefits to our health in many ways due to their nutritional properties. One of these foods, sometimes co...

2 Light Lasagna Recipes

Kitchen of the World

Lasagna is a classic in Italic cooking, and everybody loves it. No one dares resist its plentiful pasta layers, tomato sauce, white sauce, cheese, and at times, a special filling, like mushrooms or m...

Recipes with mushrooms

Recipes & Cooking

There are a variety of edible mushrooms that we can use in cooking and recipes using mushrooms are excellent especially if you want an easy food that may be enjoyable for the whole family.

Vegetable Recipes

Recipes with vegetables

Are you tired of preparing the same salad recipes? Many times people say that they dislike vegetables because they're bored, but this does not mean they are not delicious, simply, we need to experienc...

The good thing about eating mushrooms


Mushrooms are truly wonderful food. However, not all mushrooms are edible, there are poisonous mushrooms that should not be eaten. Edible mushrooms are gaining popularity worldwide due to their high c...

Easy and nutritious Vegetarian recipe

Recipes & Cooking

If you are vegetarian and want to innovate new recipes that are quick to prepare and nutritious, we recommend the mushroom stew and a pea omelet. Mushrooms are fungus rich in natural vitamin B, which ...

Mushroom Recipes

Recipes & Cooking

Mushrooms are a food with many advantages and properties; they differ from other plants because they lack chlorophyll and are characterized mainly by its large contribution of plant proteins of high b...

Everything to make your nails beautiful and healthy


Beautiful hands with a nice, healthy and beautiful nails. Nails are the center of attraction of the hands, especially for women, although the hands of a man can also be attractive and alluring as a wo...

International Symposium on 'Mycologycal Resources and Land Development'


Natural resources are at present a socio-economic key for transformation of many rural areas. Complex factors behind this new situation that breaks with the historical marginalization and low potentia...



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Mint (Mentha sativa) - 25 g

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