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Diet for people with Sciatica

Food Therapy

Sciatica can be treated successfully if proper treatment is combined with proper nutrition. This condition, also known as lumbago, is inflammation and/or sciatic nerve compression which occur when the...

Rheumatism: Natural remedies


In colloquial language the word "rheumatism" means any pain that occurs in muscles, tendons, bones and joints, which is any illness that occurs in the locomotive system. The ancient Greek physicians b...



Alkanet Unguent - 125 cc

Alkanet Unguent, call also Root of the Devil, was used the past in curing wounds military, burns, cr...

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CARTILSAMINA for Bones and Joints - 80 Capsule

Dietary Supplement based on Shark Cartilage Capsules based on shark cartilage to help bones and j...

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