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Eliminate foot fungus with home remedies


Fungal infections in the feet, commonly known as athlete’s food, could cause burning, skin redness, bad odor, itching, and flaking. In more severe cases it could produce

Bruises and mild contusions: how to treat them


Bruises or mild contusions occur as a result of an injury or a hit that causes the blood vessels in the area to rupture. This leaves, as a result, a mark below the skin.

Take advantage of Herbal Remedies in your cooking

Food Therapy

It is well known that plants and herbs provide us benefits; each plant has different properties and are those edible that besides being able to be used to cure any illness or disease we can take to pr...

Natural Treatments for Allergies

Alternative Therapies

Mites, pollen, seasonal change, mold, or even some chemicals, can unleash allergies, usually accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms. However, there are natural alternatives that can help us to fight an...



Blue Lavender candle - 19 cm

Please follow these tips in order to maximize your enjoyment of our candles: - Never leave a bu...

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Incense sticks LAVENDER

Manufacturer: Radhe Shyam Presentation: 12 long burning sticks. All sticks are eleven inches (27 ...

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 articles) 1 

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