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Japanese disciplines to take care of your Health

Alternative Therapies

Life expectancy in Japan is 82.2 years, becoming the country with longest life according to statistics. Research suggests that this is because the Japanese have great safety culture, it is estimated t...

Recipes with Umeboshi

Fruit recipes

Umeboshi means hydrated plum; it is a kind of condiment and food of very high nutritional properties, widely used in food and Chinese and Japanese medicine. It has a strong flavor and distinctive, sal...

Miso recipes

Soya recipes

The miso is a food (a condiment) from fermented soybeans, valued in the East for its flavor and medicinal properties. It is rich in calcium, iron and other minerals, as well as isoflavons, which promo...

Japan: major consumer of organic Spanish olive oil

Organic Farming News

Olive oil from organic agriculture in Spanish is one of the products that Japanese consumers demand more. According to recent studies, the sale of extra virgin olive oil from organic production in Jap...

The tea ceremony


No-yu or Tea Ceremony is one of the most popular aesthetic arts of Japan. It aims to cultivate a state of mental peace and spiritual harmony through a series of procedures concerning the preparation o...

History of Shiatsu

Manual therapy

Before the introduction of Chinese medicine in Japan, the ancient texts say that there therapeutic practice manual of the Japanese people themselves. Chinese medicine arrived in Japan over a thousand ...

Types of edible seaweed

Edible seaweed

In recent years, the West has surrendered to the virtues of seaweed, an important food in other countries. There are many edible seaweed: Hijiki, wakame, nori, Agar-Agar, Dulse, Kombu, Arame, Cochayuy...



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