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Seaweeds: Sea Vegetables

Edible seaweed

When we think of algae, we think of the sea and plants that we see on the edge of the beach. They might look awful, but nature has endowed them with incredible benefits.

The Importance of Minerals in the Diet


A mineral is a naturally occurring substance, homogeneous and inorganic origin, which has a crystal structure (crystalline form). Minerals are chemical elements that are essential for the activity of ...

Cochayuyo Alga: Differences, composition and how to prepare

Edible seaweed

Cochayuyu or Colloi is an edible seaweed which comes from Chile and Subantarctic areas. It can measure up to 15 meters and for centuries has served as food for many Native American communities. Its sc...



KELPASAN Thyroid iodine - A. Vogel - 120 Tablets

Properties: Kelpasan is made using kelp originating from the Pacific Ocean. The kelp is a 100% natur...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 articles) 1 

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