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Incense: the magic and benefits Weihrauch: Magie und Nutzen Incienso: su magia y beneficios

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Incense: the magic and benefits

by K. Laura Garcés G


Incense: the magic and benefits

The incense comes from the Latin word incensum, 'turning', and is a preparation of aromatic plant resins, which are usually added essential oils of animal or plant origin to burn them off a fragrant smoke that is used for various purposes. Their perfumes are quite varied, some sweet, spicy, musk, citrus, fresh, soothing, stimulating, refreshing, so on.

Its magic

Since immemorial time, the smells have aroused great interest and curiosity of men, the sense of smell is extremely sensitive to the variety of aromas that float in the air, from the smell of our skin to the smell of the objects close to us, the smell of rain and flowers, intense aromas of the forest and the sea, they connect us, so be it conscious or unconscious, with all kinds of emotional states. And this is precisely one of the greatest qualities of incense, to connect through its perfumes with a multitude of feelings that can be used either in the creative, therapeutic, aesthetic, sexual, erotic, etc.

Its power

It was used since ancient times in religious ceremonies and is believed to possess magical powers attracted or repelled certain energies or spirits to the environment. In reality, effects that could result due to incense are the incentives that each flavor is especially in. For example, the smell of cedar is refreshing, like the eucalyptus and citrus aromas, which in addition to cool naturally disinfect a room where, for example, is some sick.


They were originated in the Middle East, the most ancient civilizations. It was used in ancient Egypt and Israel, and was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks. In Japan the it was acquired and perfected in various presentations, some are preserved until now. It was also used so extensively in India and China. Japan is the number one producer in the world not only in quantity but in quality. Japanese incense outperforms the other. It has been used in China and Japan as part of the worship of Hindu deities, currently has an important use in Buddhism, in the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church, and to a lesser extent, some Christian denominations, such as the Catholic.

How do you use it?

You need to buy incense taking into account that this is good, because smells of herbs, flowers and natural ingredients are most effective in all respects. You can recognize the quality incense with smell. In some countries in Latin America, many tribes make incense with one hundred percent natural ingredients.

Most common uses

Perfuming a room: if you want to bring a special atmosphere in your room, do not hesitate to use incense. Here we suggest some as the environment you want to lead:

  • Eucalyptus: is ideal for the respiratory system to disinfect and fresh rooms where are people with infectious diseases, people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, cough, or diabetes.
  • Cinnamon: it is good to provoke a romantic and erotic ambience and as a creative stimulant. It creates a disinfectant and warm place.
  • Lavender: creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the night, to relax the children's room or an environment of stress. The lavender is also antibiotic and has sedative properties.
  • Myrrh: is to attract good luck and give peace of mind.
  • Citrus: (lemon, orange, etc.) promotes imagination, stimulates hunger and disinfects. This aroma is delicious for rooms like studies, useful for writers, painters, or artists in general.
  • Sandalwood: is an aphrodisiac, promotes a state of peace but not sleepiness comfort. The sandalwood is ideal for removing odors such as the snuff or the stews that are scattered throughout the home, as well as odors from pets (urine, food, etc.). The incense is much better than deodorants.
  • Rose: romantic ambience, fresh, helps to relax the stress and stimulates the sexual senses.


You can find everything from traditional sticks that are burned in a special stand up in a spiral, cone, or powder (or bar piece).

To can burn incense putting where you are going to turn a stick or piece vent and made to spread its aroma, or a special bracket. There are those who bury the sticks of incense in the pot, but we must be careful not to get too close to the leaves or the plant. The incense shaped spiral typically used in China and Japan as a mosquito repellent. This type of incense burns for a long time, from hours to days. Which is shaped like a cone or slice burns fast. Cones are used in traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture) for moxibustion treatment.

Sticks: there are some with a heart of sandalwood used to worship in the traditional religion china. These sticks are sometimes known as' joss sticks'. The sticks do not have a solid core of support. This is the most common to burn incense in Japan and abroad.

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