Honey from 'La Alcarria' THOUSAND FLOWERS 1 Kg Honig aus 'La Alcarria' tausend Blumen 1 kg Miel  de la Alcarria MIL FLORES
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Honey from "La Alcarria" THOUSAND FLOWERS 1 Kg

Net weight: 1 Kg.

Honey is a food product produced by honey bees from the nectar of flowers or from secretions of living parts of plants or found on them which the bees collect, transform by combining with specific substances of their own, and store and leave to ripen in the combs of the hive.

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Additional information on Honey from "La Alcarria" THOUSAND FLOWERS 1 Kg

The natural region of the Barren plateau produces an exquisite honey with an extraordinary subtility and aroma that the floral origin remembers from which it comes, the wild aromatic plants. The honey that takes to the symbol of the Denomination of Origin Honey of the Barren plateau has assured its origin and Maxima quality by the Regulating Council. The Honey of the Barren plateau is exclusively floral and its consistency can fluid, viscous or be crystallized. The crystallization, that is the natural change of the physical state of the honey, is the guarantee of its authenticity and closely is related to its botanical origin that, in our case, produces a fine crystallization, of cremoso and smooth aspect when paladar.

The caloric treatment which it is put under the honeys for his packaging, for the Honey of the Barren plateau does not surpass 45ºC. allowing so it conserves all his terapeúticas and nutritional properties to disposition of the consumer. The pasteurización is not allowed since this process remarkably alters to the properties physical-chemistries and organolépticas of the honey, that is to say, the mentioned terapeúticas properties and the aromas and flavors characteristic of the same one. Therefore the Honey of the Barren plateau will be able to be found in liquid or cremoso state depending on the degree of crystallization of the same one.

The main wild plants for the elaboration of the Honey of the Barren plateau are the pertaining ones to the family of the labiadas ones, like the rosmarin, lavender and the thyme. Taking care of his floral origin the Honey of the Barren plateau it is classified in three types:
• monofloral Honey of Lavender (Lavandula Latifolia Medicus)
• monofloral Honey of rosmarine (Rosmarinus officinalis L.)
• multifloral Honey

The honey is made up fundamentally of carbon hydrates, being fruitful and the glucose predominant. In addition, unlike the refined sugar, it contains a infinity of beneficial substances for the organism, like vitamins, organic proteins, amino acids, acids, mineral elements, enzymes and others. The honey of the Barren plateau is characterized in addition to have a low humidity content.

The honey is biologically active a natural product, that by its origin and properties gains day to day more acceptance. The honey many beneficial effects (terapeúticas properties) for the human organism are known him. Between these, the positive effect in diseases of healing, analgesic, antiinflammatory, antiasthmatic vascular type, respiratório can be mentioned, antibacterial and antifúngicas etc..., as well as properties.

Nutritional Value
As far as its nutritional value, the honey is an excellent power plant to the power to be assimilated its components directly by the organism, in addition all alive being contains a series of indispensable substances, whose presence in the ordinary diet, causes that the honey is an exceptional product. It is possible to be tasted of multiple forms, single or combined with other foods or in liquid or greased state in cremoso state.

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