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Manual therapy

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Acupressure: Acupuncture at your fingertips

Acupuncture involves stimulating certain points on the body to achieve a beneficial effect on it, it is considered useful to complement conventional treatments, however, for those who are afraid of ne...

Neck pains? Try these exercises

Neck pain is discomfort that has become common in modern times, however with a simple exercise routine can help combat it.

Reiki and its preventive and curative role

The best way to understand Reiki is by experiencing it. We can talk about energy and the concepts; however, that cannot be compared with the direct experience. Reiki treatments can result in rapid rel...

Lymphatic drainage and health

A good lymphatic drainage is essential for a healthy life of the person. When the lymphatic drainage system is not working correctly can cause serious health problems because it is responsible for rem...

Osteopathy: the art of bringing movement to the body

Osteopathy is an alternative health therapy that begins to grow stronger in Spain due to the outstanding results it has had in Europe. This technique is gentle, safe and effective when performed by pr...

Thai Massage and its application in healthcare

Traditional Thai massage, also called Nuad-Bo-Rarn, is an ancient form of massage closely linked to the practice of Buddhism. This massage begins as a form of relaxation, but also celebrates the unity...

Facial Yoga

The face is the body part that has more muscle; there are dozens of muscles in it, which explains why the face is an area of great expression and movement. Despite this, the face is the part of the bo...

Pain in neck, back and joints? Try Psycho-physical massage

Posture, muscle tone, texture, color and vitality of the movements of the body of a person reveal their emotional history, character and deep-rooted feelings. The body consists of emotional structures...

Bio-energetic Therapeutic Massage: heal the body

Bioenergetics is a revolutionary therapy based on Ayurveda medical philosophy, and its main objective is not only curing the symptoms but the root that causes the body any disease and pain, whether ph...

Physical re-education: heal your body and mind

To maintain a balance, our body is composed of a complex system of involuntary muscle chains that are working to make the necessary trade-offs between weight and body movement, so it does not miss thi...

Tuina: medical maneuvers

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a multitude of therapies that help keep the body healthy and fit. The Tuina or Tui-na is a manual therapy that is becoming known in the West. These are sessions in ...

Tuina or Chinese massage

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods. Possibly the origin of all massages that have arisen in different cultures, Egypt, China, Persia, India and others was the same, the intuitive gesture...

Facial Reflexology: a healthy alternative

Facial Reflexology is a modern method of treatment of facial stimulation really effective and completely natural to treat various conditions, particularly to treat disorders and musculo-skeletal pain,...

Suction and Waves on Skin: ancient therapy to heal and relieve pain

Three thousand years ago, Chinese medicine used a therapy called cupping, and waves to the skin as a system of self-help for pain, purifying the body and healing disease is an ancient method and curre...

Stress? Muscle tension? Cellulite? Try the Swedish massage

One of the most enjoyable ways to oxygenate the body, eliminating toxins and stress, and energize the movement is undoubtedly the massage. Massage is an ancient practice which has been taking many var...

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