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Omega 6 fatty acids: health benefits and beauty


Not all fats are bad for the body; on the contrary, the body needs these elements to meet important functions. There are many healthy fats for the body, cold-pressed vegetable oils are an example of t...

SOYNatura. Second edition of the Health Fair and the Quality of Life


Following the success in the first edition, endorsed by the visit of 7000 people, four days and the satisfaction of 50 exhibitors participating, we set off with the 2nd edition of Soynatura.

The taste of food, therapeutic arsenal of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as any health system, aims to preserve and restore the health of individuals. But as energy medicine, it searches energy balance in order to restore health.

Diabetic Recipes

Food Therapy

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the pancreas makes little or no insulin (Type I diabetes), or the body's cells do not respond to insulin that is produced (Type II diabetes). The diet of a di...

Natural therapies at Garaday Center

Nature Center

The aim of the center is the application of natural and alternative therapies to help you achieve greater psychological wellbeing and physical aesthetic.

Do we need animal meat in the diet?


In many diets, animal flesh is considered one of the main dishes, while in other diets, such as vegetarian or vegan, you can do without even any derived product. Many nutrition experts have concluded ...

Look after your health by playing a sport

Sports nutrition

Surely many times you have heard that the sport is health. Well, if you are not yet convinced of this, I propose here to open your eyes, read this article and put you to work to regain your health and...

Vegetarian Babies diets and nutrition tips


From an early age, many of the eating habits begin to form that the future adult will tend to do lifelong. In fact, all diets that humans make are valid as long as they respect certain balances and ba...

Facial Reflexology: a healthy alternative

Manual therapy

Facial Reflexology is a modern method of treatment of facial stimulation really effective and completely natural to treat various conditions, particularly to treat disorders and musculo-skeletal pain,...

Bananas: effective diet for weight loss


The banana is a soft fruit with sweet taste that not only has high nutritional properties, but is a fruit that can make you lose those extra kilos if you know to use wisely. The banana diet is not new...

Healthy and beautiful lips: health and beauty tips

Facial Care

The lips are one of the most erotic and attractive parts of the body, are the doors through which we express what we want and feel, with them kiss and make gestures of sweetness or disapproval, allow ...

Creams Recipes with Vegetables

Recipes with vegetables

The creams are one of the favorite foods in holiday season, besides being very nutritious, they combine well with salads, fish and steamed vegetables. You can use soy milk for creams, which is highly ...

The quality of your blood and Youth


A person who looks young, healthy and strong is the result of lifestyle habits of love and, above all, the attitudes toward life. Youth is not a short gift in the life of a human being, it is a gift t...

Keep your children away from falling into drugs

Pregnancy & Parenting

When we are conscious of the unpleasant consequences that drugs bring, then what we want is to never see our children or loved ones, including any person, trapped in this situation. There are many typ...

Chinese Noodles Recipes

Kitchen of the World

The Chinese noodle pasta is much thinner than that normally consumed, high in complex carbohydrates and little fat, loaded with minerals and vitamins for quality. They are very versatile in the kitche...



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