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Fenugreek: Uses in medicine as well as increasing your beauty

Useful properties of fenugreek in beauty. This bittersweet herb of Mediterranean origin can be used in cooking, aiding health and has lots of therapeutic and aesthetic uses too.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of a Cold

Colds are a common condition that can affect anyone at any stage of their life. Often times symptoms appear, like a sore throat or throat irritation, congestion, runny nose, and more.

Bach Flowers: A Treasury within reach

Today, most of the general population is habitual consumer and knows the most common drugs and active ingredients to treat any physical ailment or less, such disorder such as omeprazole to treat diges...

Natural Remedies for Winter Illnesses

In the winter, our body is more susceptible to developing certain diseases, such as the common cold, pharyngitis, rhinitis, angina, etc. Fortunately there are some natural remedies that help to combat...

Curing Insomnia without Pills or Medication

The body can get used to pills and drugs to sleep in calm and peace, and often we believe that naturals remedies "won’t make anything " because we think they are softer, consume a lot of time, etc.

Chamomile to relieve Stomach ache and more

Chamomile is a plant whose consumption has been widely used since ancient times, a popular remedy for improving digestion after a heavy meal. Its name derives from "Khamaímelon" a Greek word that can...

Hypericum: The good mood plant

Also known as St. John's, Hypericum is considered a useful plant for the treatment of depression, however, the use of this plant as an antidepressant has also generated controversy because of its inte...

Infusions with herbs to cure kidney

To heal and strengthen the kidneys, there is nothing better than a real cure through plants. Herbs offer not only a temporary healing, but help the body to stimulate its own healing ability, helping o...

Herbs and homemade recipes for parasites

A lot of harmless and even useful bacteria and fungi can become lodged in the human intestine, but they are also an excellent medium for other microorganisms such as parasites. There are several type...

Treatments and herbal prescriptions to control excessive sweating

Sweating is a natural body reaction that occurs throughout the body, but is concentrated in areas where there are more sweat glands like the armpits, soles of the feet, palms of the hands and face. Th...

How to drink tea properly

How much tea should be taken daily? Can I take all the cups that I want? Is it dangerous abusing of tea? Should be taken before or after meals? Is it dangerous if you combine several teas at the same ...

Kuzu (Kudzu): properties and health benefits and addictions

It is a climbing perennial plant, which is entangled in the bushes and trees and can reach great heights. This plant has a large root, which can measure more than the size of a person. The root of kud...

Herbs for sleep

If the body does not rest and sleep enough every day, the body becomes imbalanced, it affects the nervous system and impairs the body's defenses down, increases susceptibility to infection, nutrients ...

8 Herbs to purify the blood

Do you have any allergies? Skin Problems? Are you prone to getting sick or becoming infected? So surely you need to purify your blood, because if this is not sufficiently decontaminated and contains t...

Phytotherapy and Food Allergy

There are many natural remedies to combat allergies and among them are herbs, which, if properly used and supported simultaneously with a proper diet can not only alleviate the symptoms of this condit...

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