Heal and strengthen your kidneys by natural means Stärken Sie Ihre Nieren auf natürliche Weise Sana y fortalece tus Riñones por medios naturales

Heal and strengthen your kidneys by natural means


Heal and strengthen your kidneys by natural means

The kidneys, which are each in the back of the abdomen and near the spine, have important functions in your body; they may have done more for you than any boyfriend, girlfriend or friend in your life. Imagine, your kidneys are primarily responsible for filtering your blood, allow clearance of metabolic waste through a lot of complex tasks: filtered, reabsorbed and excreted substances such as potassium, phosphorus, urea and creatinine through the urine. In addition, kidneys have regulatory functions of nutrients in the body. We need a proper balance of nutrients for your body to stay healthy and alive; the excesses are very harmful, so your kidneys are responsible for measuring concentrations of other minerals and, when necessary, they are returned to the body, but when there are excesses, are excreted. About 200 liters of blood is processed by your kidneys daily, and more or less produce about 2 liters of urine.

How to take care of your kidneys?

  • Food is basic. Include citrus or acidic fruits in the morning as guavas, cranberries, oranges, lemons, etc. Avoid or stop little by little consuming white sugar in diet which has no nutritional supplement, only becomes overweight in your body and weakens and damages important organs like the kidneys. Be sure to include in your daily diet: fresh vegetable juice (freshly made), the alfalfa and celery are particularly recommended. Whole grains should not miss in your diet.
  • Consume enough water per day, at least 2 liters of water. Mineral water is recommended as it stimulates kidney function and promotes diuresis. This water is especially recommended for those who tend to develop kidney stones. The dose should check with a professional.
  • Clean the genital area very careful: when defecating, it is important to wipe front to back, so should avoid contagion or introduction of bacteria into the urethra. This prevention is particularly indicated in women.

What damages the kidneys?

  • Too much drugs, especially anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antihistamines, severely damage the kidneys. It is important not to abuse drugs and, preferably, always try to take natural medicine. Allopathic medicines stimulate and irritate the body artificially, which will eventually weaken the functions of body and self-healing ability, making it increasingly weak and dependent of outside stimuli (drugs).
  • Consumption of alcohol and snuff.
  • A poor quality diet with nutrients or disorderly, frequent consumption of fast food, junk or canned vegetables or fruits with fertilizers, consumption of refined sugar, etc.
  • Use of poor quality cosmetics (unnatural) causes great toxicity in the body.
  • Bad break, insomnia and excessive stress.
  • Breathing contaminated air (lead).
  • Emotional states of constant irritation, criticism or disappointment profoundly affect this important body.
  • Frequent or prolonged inhalation of solvents, toxic paints, acetone, cleaning, etc., can inflame the kidneys.
  • The blows or falls may cause injury or inflammation.
  • Diabetes, a strong poisoning, hypertension, uric acid, high cholesterol, cancer, AIDS, syphilis, etc., are diseases that could weaken or severely damage the kidneys.

Most common diseases of the kidney and natural treatment

Nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) is due primarily to the body is in a state of intoxication. It is important to note that many people are accustomed to living intoxicated without realizing it, and live with symptoms that this entails: insomnia, joint problems, gastritis, phlegm, colds, cough, rash, skin problems, bad blood, etc. This is because the body is unable to expel the amount of toxins daily absorbed either by the kidneys, sputum, skin or sweat. It is noted that all these symptoms stem from a body that is not given to supply purified.

What is recommended mainly to heal and strengthen the kidneys is a purifying diet. This is a necessity not only to treat but to prevent any kidney disease. There are many forms of detoxification body cleansing diets like, making teas or some natural alternatives such as reflexology, ionization, colon cleansing, and so on.

If you have your kidneys are weak or sick, it is also necessary that you carry out the following care:

  • Avoid the most of those foods that require extra work on your kidneys, such as proteins, particularly those of animal origin. You should avoid meats, dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc.). And egg. You should attempt to eat only once a week and foods such as amaranth, nuts, peanut, etc.. These foods also must eat moderately.
  • Avoid bad fats and fried sausage products of animal origin.
  • Include apples and grapes in your diet, but do not mix fruit with any other foods, eat them on an empty stomach and wait 40 minutes to digest before eating anything else. The apple will be ok at night.
  • Drink a day carrot juice with celery. Celery helps fade pebbles that form in the kidney.
  • Fruits of the kidney, as their juice helps to cleanse the tissues and blood, but should be eaten as fresh as possible, because once opened quickly degenerates and produces toxins. Also fruit is a very diuretic.
  • Take herbal teas of horsetail and nettle once a day. If you follow a herbal treatment, remember to rest your body after treatment at least 3 months.

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3 Reviews “Heal and strengthen your kidneys by natural means”

on 22/08/2014
What a great article!! I'm so glad I found it! I got a kidney infection once, and it scared me to death. Within a matter of days, a UTI turned into wincing mid-back pain. I woke up in the middle of the night, because everytime I pinched my sides together, it shot pain throughout my entire torso. I had cold sweats, a fever, and was nauseous. Since then I always try to take immaculate care of my kidneys.
on 13/04/2014
on 08/05/2013
I have a lot of pain in kidneys some times and I think it might be due to something related with my urine production, I?m not sure if this is dangerous and I should consult a doctor immediately of just by changing a little bit my lifestyle and following the recommendations I could get over this problem

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