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Fight for agriculture without GMOs


15,000 people have meet this weekend in Madrid under the slogan “For a food and GMO-free agriculture." Farmers, environmentalists and consumers around the country have toured the city to demand the ...

Organic agriculture and its problems

Organic Farming

While no one can deny the growth and development of organic agriculture in Spain, you cannot overlook some of the problems that affect this mode. When we talk about the specific case of Catalonia , no...



Burdock peeling - 10 ml

Vegetal Burdock peeling apt for all the skins - Prepared destined to desescamar the most external l...

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Syrup sap - Madal Bal - 500 ml

Syrup of sap is made up of palm and maple sap. The palm and maple sap comes from the vast forests of...

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