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Say goodbye to Gastritis/Colitis with this naturally effective secret


If you are already tired of test methods and has already taken everything to heal the gastritis or colitis, and still exists, here you can find one of the most effective, simple and affordable alterna...

Drinks to combat Gastritis


Gastritis is a problem that affects a large number of people, it is a condition that may not have any symptoms, but also may be accompanied by severe symptoms including pain, reflux, heartburn, etc. O...

Gastritis: 10 myths and realities


Many people have this annoying problem but how much we know about it? There are plenty of myths about its causes and cures. With the intention that you can know more about this problem, we present you...

Natural Remedies for Gastritis Helicobacter Pylori


Gastritis is a common stomach upset, several factors may influence the onset and development, we can classify it in: Acute and chronic gastritis. Acute gastritis: is an inflammation of the stomach lin...

Apple to cure stomach (ulcers, pain, heartburn, gastritis, etc.)


The apple is a good fruit for our health. They say that if you want to keep the doctor away, you should eat an apple a day, at least. This fruit, with sweet taste and crunchy flesh, has great health b...

Indian nuts or Cashew: Powerful and popular fat-burning


The India nut seed has now become a great ally to lose weight and burn fat quickly. Its benefits have been advertised from television to the Internet and its sales have skyrocketed in almost every hou...

Food and recipes for gastritis and nervous ulcer


Gastritis is a condition that occurs primarily from eating at irregular hours, excessive consumption by irritants such as tea, coffee or alcohol, as well as the excessive use of condiments and seasoni...

Reduce swelling in the womb by natural means


A flat and nice abdomen is result from strong abdominal muscles. If abdomen is a muscular, this can disguise, for example, but you cannot hide an abdomen whose muscles are flaccid, either through care...



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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 articles) 1 

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