Foods and herbs to strengthen and heal kidneys Lebensmittel und Kräuter um Nieren zu stärken und zu heilen Alimentos y hierbas para fortalecer y sanar riñones

Foods and herbs to strengthen and heal kidneys


Foods and herbs to strengthen and heal kidneys

The kidney's main function is to remove toxins from the body contained in the blood, but it’s also responsible for expelling waste that are not used by the body through the urine. It is vitally important to keep our kidneys healthy, and take special care when there is a tendency to kidney ailments, stones or pain from bruises.

All persons who wish to care for their kidneys or have renal problems or weakness need to include care, following a diet that will help to strengthen and eliminate any future complications. Here is a list of foods you should include in your diet if this is your case or if you just want to have consciousness from what is best for your kidneys.

Foods to moderate or avoid:

Proteins: all foods that give extra effort to kidney. For example, a high consumption of protein is actually harmful to the kidney, especially animal protein. So, you must moderate or avoid (especially if your kidney is weak) your consumption of meat, milk, cheese, eggs, etc.

Sugar, fats and processed (in diabetics and people with high cholesterol): If you have high cholesterol then you know that your kidneys can be damaged or weakened, which could lead you to have a kidney problem. So if this is your case, you should moderate your intake of protein far, refined sugar and white bread. Consider this if you are diabetic, and place special emphasis on eliminating refined sugar and byproducts.

Potassium: a high intake of potassium can be harmful, especially if your kidneys are already weak for any condition. If this is your case, you should consider moderately eating bananas and nuts.

Salt: reduce your salt intake, especially if you are hypertensive, as this condition damages internal organs like the kidneys. Abuse in salt intake promotes a rise in blood pressure which is more detrimental to the kidneys. The sausages, pickles, snacks, etc, are foods that contain high amounts of salt.

In case of kidney stones: in general, you should avoid coffee, alcohol and tea, but your diet also should be tailored according to the type of stone you have. If uric acid, avoid animal meat especially red meat, liver, brain, sausages, etc. You should also avoid chocolate, and spinach. If the stones are calcium oxalate: the best for you is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and limit or reduce the consumption of pasta, bread, potatoes, sweets and all products containing white sugar.

If renal insufficiency: avoid animal protein except cheese. Moderate most of the fats, both animal and vegetable.

Foods you should include in your diet:

Consumption of pure water is the delicacy of the kidney, as it helps remove harmful toxins and fats easily and without work. You should drink a day at least 2 liters of pure water, but if you eat high protein or salty foods, you must add two more glasses. If you don’t do this, your kidneys will be among the first to resent. If you want to keep your kidneys healthy, free of infections and diseases, drinking water is the base. People with more severe problems which can’t pee and are very swollen should avoid drinking water. If you have stones, drink bicarbonate water, which prevents the formation or enlargement of uric acid kidney stones, which cause cramps and other problems resulting from kidney failure.

Watermelon: healing fruit and best ally of the kidney because of its high water content and its juice, which helps cleansing the tissues and blood. If you're going to eat watermelon, choose a cool and do not store more than two days as it often oxidize rapidly.

Diuretic Foods: such as grapes, artichokes, apples, pineapple, etc. If you suffer from any condition of the liver, put on a diet one day eating only watermelon, grapes or apples and pure water. This diet helps fight stones.

Carrot: an excellent vegetable cleansing, helps restore and nourish the kidney tissues.

Phytotherapy for the kidney

  • The infusion of dandelion is considered one of the best home remedies for the kidneys.
  • Parsley is an excellent remedy for the kidneys, strengthens and prevents the occurrence of stones.
  • The green nettle is also a very good remedy for the kidneys. Put a tablespoon of herb in a cup of pure water boiling and simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off and let stand another 5 minutes. Strain and drink one cup fasting three days a week, you will feel great.
  • St. Nicholas (Chrysactinia mexicana): use the stem and leaves, is an excellent diuretic.
  • Horsetail (Equisetum robustum): is a plant stimulant and a diuretic for the kidneys, recommended for treating kidney stones, gallstones, inflammation and urinary tract infections and in case of fluid retention. These are generally all the problems of kidney and urinary tract.
  • Stonebreaker: it has diuretic and tonic for the urinary bladder, helps to dissolve all kinds of kidney stones.
  • Guazima flower (Pithecellobiun): its flowers have applications for liver and kidney.
  • Arnica: if you have suffered a severe blow in the kidney and only want to help you recover from the injury, it is best arnica, either in cream or taking arnica tea infusions.

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9 Reviews “Foods and herbs to strengthen and heal kidneys”

on 04/22/2016
Arnica tea is poison do not drink Arnica tea. I have been training with a fantastic herbalist this is one of the first things she taught us. You can use Arnica only externally.
on 12/24/2014
Thank you for this advice I've just gotten out of hospital from a kidney infection and I didn't even know I had a uti. I am still in a lot of pain and find it hard to sleep, walk or breathe. Your words helped me.
on 12/05/2014
I'm super super glad that I read this article, because I'm totally going to use some of these herbs. I used to get a lot of UTI's, and one time it even developped into a kidney infection. I have been concerned about my kidney health since then, because I witnessed first hand just how fast things could get terrible with poorly functioning kidneys.
on 08/07/2014
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on 05/09/2014
Watermelon also protects eyes because of vitamin A content according to the recent researches. Here an article in Arabic about benefits of watermelon
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on 10/15/2013
This was one of the best sites I came upon! Thank you for this excellent sound advice!!
on 03/28/2013
This site appears good enough for me to follow.

Please does anyone out there know whether Ocimum gratissimum is good for the kidney and the liver?

on 03/07/2013
Hey people from biomanantial! It?s good to see a complete guide to prevent and cure almost every disease related with the kidneys just by taking the proper foods and some natural remedies, my father died from one of these conditions and ?I don?t want to have the same destiny so I want to take care of my body.
on 04/27/2014
Yeah this is a good guide indeed, I love all the things tha tyou can learn her, of course the best are the ones that can help you to regain the health you deserve...

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